Ebola patient escapes quarantine centre in search of food

Telegraph – by David Blair

A suspected Ebola patient caused panic in a market in Liberia’s capital when he left a clinic to find food.

The man was caught by four medical personnel wearing yellow protective suits and bundled into a vehicle. Video footage, which has not been independently verified, shows a frightened crowd gathered near the scene in the capital, Monrovia.

The man, clad in shorts and a red t-shirt, apparently resists the medics and tries to avoid being taken back to the Ebola clinic. He is eventually overcome and driven away.

At least 1,378 people have been infected with the Ebola virus in Liberia, according to the World Health Organisation, and 694 have died so far.



One thought on “Ebola patient escapes quarantine centre in search of food

  1. Hey African brain childs in charge of jailing 50,000 Ebola suspects. You have to freakin feed them. Giving them some water would be a good idea too. I guess cable tv is totally out of the question. And these are the people in charge of keeping the Ebola virus on the African continent. Good luck with that.

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