27 thoughts on “EBS LLin Wood: BE PREPARED FOR AN IMMINENT BLACKOUT. Parler app. 9pm Jan 9 2021 Emergency Broadcast

  1. I agree with this comment. ”
    I V A N
    5 hours ago
    Keep believing that Trump and Q will save the world haha, he is just another puppet like all of them. Better prepare yourself to survive the new world order. Good luck to you all.

    1. This was sent to me. I have no idea who this guy is but according to his ‘intel’ Trump signed the Insurrection Act

    2. It is happening. what Llin is talking about is Giant Voice being used. DC went lockdown today 6 days early and semi size generators are in place in DC. Reports from other states of military assets being deployed and troops with weapons issued and carrying. May be nothing but why in other states near large cities are they being deployed?

    1. Maybe misleading people is his career, fear mongering and such.
      The lawyers work for the masonic lodge and they would do anything to discredit and divert the mountains of hard evidence which would show the same thing from Jeffrey Epstein and Maxine Ghislaine as documented proof.
      That is just my opinion.

    2. “….Why would he do that?? …..”

      I’m guessing that Lin Wood is just giving people hope that Trump is going to rush in a save America at the last minute. This will keep patriots quiet until their anger cools…… as long as they believe that someone is going to rush in and save them, they’ll sit quietly in their homes, waiting for it to happen. After a week, most of them will no longer be angry, and they’ll be back to their normal routines.

  2. Yesterday I heard that Trump may use The Emergency Broadcasting System to make an address to the people. Regardless of what we think/know about Trump, is it not true that Apple (a corporation) has absolutely NO RIGHT to tamper with such a system? Jus’ wonderin’.


  3. Regardless of who gets put in, I feel something big is planned to go down no matter what. The clock is a ticking.

  4. Hi JD. I don’t have any background on him or whoever operates under that channel name, but the name itself is the name of someone you’d unfortunately meet as a banker, lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc…

    I did peruse through and watch some bits of different videos and it seems like a cz q cult.

    Other than that, man, I got nothing but circumstantial evidence on (((sid roth))).

  5. They are going to wait until Trump declares martial law, right around the corner, hes been told to do it or die. I mean, the guy is as wishy washy as they come, he’s doesnt want to loose that cash. The guy is in debt up to his 25,000 dollar veneers .

    He’ll make a killing on shorted stocks. So will his buddies…I mean, who else walks into a fkg room and tells everybody,


    1. We have been living under martial law since 1984.
      The assertion was that an insurrection had been declared. I have searched. I can find no evidence to support that assertion. Not that he couldn’t do it at any moment if he wanted to, he just hasn’t done it yet.

      1. you mean there has to an be insurrection before he declares it? Maybe hell do it because Fauci has fag underwear, i didnt know you had to have a reason?

        I thought he could declare it for any reason he wanted?

        1. The insurrection was December 16, 1791 when the unlawful Attorney General’s Office and fraudulent original jurisdiction was not shut down immediately upon the ratification of the law forbidding it.
          This would have to be an insurrection within an insurrection.
          I guess you could say that is one can of worms they really never want to open.

          1. Edmund Randolph was the first Attorney General. He refused to sign the Constitution in part because it lacked a Bill of Rights.
            A traitor at the outset. I’m old and angry. Why did I not learn this in school!? (Rhetorical question)

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