Elitists Send Insurgents to Capture Control of the Occupy Wall Street Grassroots Movement

Demonstrations against the bankers’ theft of our $30 trillion are growing exponentially every day.  The fires sweeping our nation has now grown to the point that the international elitists are starting the feel the heat, triggering a propaganda blitz from Rupert Murdoch’s FOX News corporate propaganda machine.

On FOX Business the propagandists, who try to pass themselves off as our fellow citizens, using a couple of clips showing groups of young people involved in the New York protests, tried to portray the movement as consisting of nothing more than young, out-of-work actors trying to get their faces on TV.

Remember these are the same propagandists who canonized the young protesters in Egypt who were protesting in opposition to the international banks and their own treasonous leaders who had worked hand in hand to destroy their country and impoverish them.

Gerri Willis, speaking to Charles Payne, went on to portray the protesters as ignorant, saying they did not understand high frequency stock trading.  Well I’ll tell you what, Gerri, no matter what kind of lipstick you put on the pig, we see it quite clearly for what it is, wealth being moved from the poor and middle class to the bankers through high frequency theft.  We see that wealth being moved out of our country through high frequency money laundering, which is exactly what the New York Stock Exchange represents.

The money is moved through the various accounts through the buying and selling of debt accomplished through the insider price manipulations, which funnel the wealth out of our country where it is exchanged for gold which is being stashed in the corporate elite’s offshore accounts around the world.  That is what we understand, you two bit media whore.

Next, Tracy Byrnes said we need to end all assistance to the unemployed and the poor to re-instill our work ethic.  Tracy Byrnes is a low life corporate whore plying her wares on Wall Street.  Tracy Byrnes has never seen a hard day in her life.  She is a part of the corporate elite who are now being forced to realize that we the people are coming to take our stolen wealth back and deport people like her to Somalia.

As the grass roots Occupy Wall Street protests have now made it into the mainstream, the left wing social communist factions, led by Michael Moore, Obama’s Moveon.org, and the labor unions are converging on the movement like flies to a rump roast.  Make no mistake, these factions serve the international elite and are coming to highjack the movement, just like the neo-cons led by Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, John Boehner, and the Koch brothers think they have hijacked the grassroots Tea Party movement.

What both of these phony factions are about to realize is that the Tea Partiers and the Occupy Wall Street protesters are one and the same.  We are the American people of the American race who have come to realize the lie of the false left-right paradigm.  We are free minded individuals and no matter how much of our stolen wealth the international elite spend on their propaganda program, they are not going to divide us to their benefit and our demise.

Neo-cons you will be driven from our country and your social communist brethren and sisteren will be sitting by your sides on the deportation barges.  We do not care if you are the billionaire Koch Brothers, Inc., or the national socialist labor unions, Inc.   We see you for what you are and we are going to make you pay for the misery you have visited upon our persons through the destruction of our monetary and free enterprise system.  You are going to find out we have something to offer one another that you cannot match and that is the return of our wealth, which you now hold in your coffers.

We are united.  We know who our enemies are.  We know why you are our enemies and we know we will destroy you as you are the few and we are the many.

To all protesters reading this article, meet the attempts to hijack the cause with the contempt they deserve as the elitists trying to control the Occupy Wall Street and those trying to control the Tea Party at the top are the same people.   They want only one thing and that is the status quo, which means the completion of our destruction and our being reduced to the status of third world slaves.

No matter what they portray with their mainstream propaganda machine, when we vote in 2012 we will vote as individuals and we will vote for Ron Paul and we will have the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution with freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity for every individual one of us.  And then we will bring these criminals to justice.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. So it all starts and ends with the bankers?I’m gettin’it now,buddy.I’ll bet with just a little research I could actually find out who these bankers and their intrrrelated corporations are.Composed of their interrelated psychopathic families.Then I might know for a fact that Barry is a fascist,impeachable tyrant doing the bidding of the bankers so he can sell the future of America and its People to buy his own.Bankers,huh?You might be on to something.

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