Empire State Building Shooting Lawsuit: Wounded Bystander Chenin Duclos Sues NPYD

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MINEOLA, N.Y. — A University of North Carolina student wounded in last summer’s shooting outside the Empire State Building is suing New York City police department.

Chenin Duclos (SHEHN’-ihn DOO’-kloh) and eight other bystanders were wounded by police gunfire, ricochets and fragments. Officers were engaged in a gunfight with a man suspected of gunning down a former co-worker.

Duclos alleges the officers were grossly negligent.

The lawsuit says police should have taken steps to avoid the confrontation. It suggests they should have waited until he moved away from bystanders.

The shooting happened as thousands were on the streets surrounding the landmark on a bright August morning.

There was no immediate comment from city officials.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. It was filed Tuesday in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court.


7 thoughts on “Empire State Building Shooting Lawsuit: Wounded Bystander Chenin Duclos Sues NPYD

  1. Those cops knew that the shooter would probobly use the public as a sheild to perhaps get away and the cops just went trigger happy anyway. Them cops should be sued big time for being responsible for that person getting shot. Them cops seem to forget all the time that the bullit always hits the target reguardless if it was their intended target or not. Like we always say ” don`t shoot if you do not know what you are shooting at ” and them cops apparently should not be carrying a gun or they did actualy shoot what they were aiming at. Yep, them cops are as responsible for pulling the trigger as the shooter they were after was. Yep, I can see a big lawsuit.

  2. the NYPD need some “gun control” imposed on them.

    it wouldnt surprise me if they just shot everybody in the general direction of the gunman for there own stupid safety before they knew who the target was.

    you see this in iraq,
    a bomb goes off and the u.s. soldiers just hose down the whole street with 50cal.
    some of those same soldiers are now police!!!!

    1. “the NYPD need some “gun control” imposed on them.”

      Absolutely! This shit has to work both ways. None of this one-way bullshit.

  3. All police should be required to purchase, out of their own pockets, liability insurance, so when they f**k up, like they always do, the taxpayer doesn’t get stuck paying. As their rates go up the worse cops won’t be able to afford to work anymore.

    1. cant they already simply be sued by name, rather than as police.
      i mean, it was their individual choice to aim at the victim & pull the trigger.
      cant a lawyer argue in court that the trigger-man must pay, and not be allowed to “transfer” the fine to his/her employers?

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