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EMS teams compete against each other in national shooting contests


Two years ago, I warned everyone that Paramedics and EMS teams were training for urban warfare and people claimed, I had no clue what I was talking about.

I wish they were right, but as you’ll see it’s getting worse. For two years now, paramedics nationwide have been competing in marksmanship contests!  

EMS teams are also using mass shootings as an excuse to train with SWAT teams.

EMS training with SWAT teams is not about public safety

A recent article in the Greeley Tribune reveals, how the mass media wants the public to believe that paramedics training with SWAT teams is about public safety.

In Colorado, a tactical emergency medical team clad in Kevlar vests closely followed a police SWAT team during training exercises in an urban setting.

On this day, there was no real danger. It was a drill set up and run by Troy Osborn, division chief for North Colorado Medical Center’s Paramedic Services, and Greeley Police Sgt. Fred Meyer.

Osborn sets up the drills because his tactical EMS team of eight gets called out to offer medical support along with SWAT. Training together regularly helps real situations run more smoothly between the two organizations.    

After the Aurora theater shooting in July 2012, EMS and law enforcement changed how they approached active shooter situations.

 “It’s been a huge game-changer having tactical EMS medics with us,” Meyer said. “If one of our guys gets hurt, they can help right away. If we hurt a suspect — we try not to — we have people who can render aid.” 

Does anyone really believe training EMS teams to shoot people will make everyone safer?

 Ambulance company trains EMS to become good marksman

Riggs Ambulance company a family owned ambulance company of 60+ years has begun training tactical medics to work with SWAT teams, police departments and Sheriff departments. According to Riggs, their Medicsmeet all marksmanship requirements. (Click here, here, here & here to see more examples of EMS training with SWAT teams.)

EMS teams across the country are taking tactical combat casualty courses like, NAEMT TCCC Certification, NAEMT TECC Certification and CCEMS Basic Tactical Operational Medical Support.

A Google search of “EMS trains with SWAT” returned close to 1.2 million hits. What’s becoming apparent with each passing year, is how EMT’s are being armed and trained to act like cops.

What’s wrong with this picture?

America is not in a civil war, the public isn’t the enemy and it’s not about public safety. So why are we turning paramedics into cops?

Paramedics carry weapons and wear the same clothing as SWAT teams


image credit: Cyprus Creek EMS

 “The medical staffers wear the same clothing as other SWAT team members, with body armor, helmets and gas masks, so they have some protection if they need to get close in a dangerous situation.”

There is one major difference between the city and county medical teams — the county team is armed. All of the county medical staffers are also qualified as reserve officers and are allowed to carry weapons. The city has no comparable program, so the SWAT team medics are not armed, Royer said.”

Medical team members rarely need to draw a weapon. Instead, the doctors and paramedics train SWAT team members in first aid, or treat injuries suffered during training.”

Paramedics compete against each other by shooting at targets! 

The second annual 2017 National Tactical Medics Challenge was held by the Lake County Sheriffs office, the Institute of Public Safety Lake Technical College and Tactical Element (TE).

Below, is a list of event rules:

Each event will have four (4) competitors, all capable of engaging in handgun and shoulder fired weapons courses of fire. All team members will shoot specific, documented courses of fire.

Each events competition team requires a minimum of one (1) personnel possessing an active (non-expired) state or National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification “or higher” and certified in one (1) or more of the following:

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) through the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT -or-
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) through the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians -or-
  • Tactical Paramedic – Certified (TP-C) through the International Board for Specialty Certifications (IBSC) -or-
  • Advanced Tactical Paramedic (ATP) through the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

The National Tactical Medics Challenge isn’t the only competition where EMT”s get to shoot at targets. This May, ‘Soldier Systems’ is holding a National Tactical Medicine Competition

The National Tactical Medic Competition, is an event created to allow tactical medical providers from around the country, the opportunity to collaborate and compete in a community of peers.”

Nothing says Police State, quite like EMS teams collaborating with SWAT teams.
Private companies train EMS teams to act like soldiers

TE is a Florida based law enforcement, security and military; consulting and training organization. TE boasts that their Tactical Operations Series Training has set the standard throughout the tactical law enforcement, security and military special operations communities (Click here & here to learn how paramedics are being trained to become TacMeds)

TE’s slogan for paramedics: “Tactical Element is Your Choice for T.O.S.”, T.O.S. means ‘Tactical Operations Series Training’.

Isn’t that what America needs, EMT’s trained to act soldiers and cops?

To find out more about EMT’s and firefighter being trained for urban warfare click here & here.

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  1. Bill in IL says:

    Well, that’s just great! Just what we need, more adrenaline fueled jack boots.

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