EPA’s Ban On Wood Burning Stoves Just Days From Taking Effect

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The Environmental Protection Agency is set to finalize a set of regulations in February that critics say will effectively ban production of 80 percent of the wood- and pellet-burning stoves in America.

The EPA had published a set of proposed regulations more than a year ago, and since then had accepted public comments.

But the regulations already are having an impact. An advertisement for the Central Boiler Company says that company’s classic outdoor wood furnaces will be outlawed by the new regulations and will not be available later this spring.  

The EPA has argued that the new regulations would improve air quality. The regulations require stoves to burn 85 percent cleaner.

“Residential wood smoke causes many counties in the U.S. to either exceed the EPA’s health-based national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for fine particles or places them on the cusp of exceeding those standards,” the EPA previously said. “To the degree that older, higher emitting, less efficient wood heaters are replaced by newer heaters that meet the requirements of this rule, or better, the emissions would be reduced, the efficiencies would be increased and fewer health impacts should occur.”

It would be the first new standards on stoves since the 1980s.

Critics say it is government overreach lacking common sense – and note that people have heated their home with wood for thousands of years.

“It seems that even wood isn’t green or renewable enough anymore,” columnist Larry Bell wrote onForbes.com “… [It’s] the oldest heating method known to mankind and mainstay of rural homes and many of our nation’s poorest residents. The agency’s stringent one-size-fits-all rules apply equally to heavily air-polluted cities and far cleaner plus typically colder off-grid wilderness areas such as large regions of Alaska and the American West.”

About 12 percent of all homes rely primarily on wood, Bell said, quoting census data. The regulations won’t force Americans to get rid of their old stoves, but the regulations will ban the resell and the trading in of those stoves.

Local and State Governments Ban Wood Burning

Some local governments are going even farther than the EPA. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency recently banned wood burning in King County (Seattle) for several days because of stagnant weather conditions. The Seattle Times reported that persons who violate the ban could face a $1,000 fine.

Elsewhere, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality has proposed a ban on wood burning between November 1 and March 15 for several counties around Salt Lake City. All coal and wood burning would be illegal during that period in Salt Lake, Box Elder, Cache, Davis, Utah, Tooele Utah and Weber counties in the proposal. Only persons who used wood as their sole means of heating would be allowed to keep burning.

An organization called Utahns for Responsible Burning has been formed to fight the ban, The Deseret Newsreported. The News called the ban the nation’s toughest wood-burning ban.

“A full ban would punish those who have invested thousands of dollars upgrading their wood stoves to EPA-compliant models that burn more cleanly,” Brigham Young University Mechanical Engineering Professor Ed Red said of the ban.


19 thoughts on “EPA’s Ban On Wood Burning Stoves Just Days From Taking Effect

  1. “Residential wood smoke causes many counties in the U.S. to either exceed the EPA’s health-based national ambient air quality standards….

    Bullshit, lol….

    If they are so worried about air quality, why aren’t they stopping the geo-engineering spraying poisons into the air we breathe, the land we farm, and the water supply of the planet?

    Why aren’t they going after the big corporations who pump out industrial smoke and harmful particles…..

    It’s Bullshit…
    They want to make life more difficult for those using the stoves for warmth, and they are targeting “certain” businesses to put them out of business…. or so it seems.

  2. EPA can kiss my A##… What now, send the Wood burning Police Swat Team after me???

    They do not care about air quality, it is control… Get everything elect. Then they can control the grid.

    1. This is what they plan, The swap team will be 150-250 to 1 you. They served a warrant for “no show at court” in New York state, They sent out 18 swap teams and destroyed the house and they said the man killed himself, so these swap teams are getting bigger and bigger!

  3. My Dad and I have spent the last several weekends converting an old cast iron double burner to a rocket mass stove. We hope to put up the pics to help people skirt this madness.

    Once the rocket mass conversion is complete, the exhaust should be relocated to ground level so as not to attract attention. There will be smoke when the stove is first started, but is generally short-lived and emits mainly water vapor during peak burn.

    Many should look to make efficient rocket mass conversions from existing wood stoves. The mass part is essential for efficiency.


    Our build is similar to the build in the video above, however we added about eight inches of mass around the burn box itself, leaving only the door exposed. The riser emits probably between eight and nine hundred degrees, and continues to radiate noticeable heat for up to six hours after the fire is extinguished.

  4. “…The regulations won’t force Americans to get rid of their old stoves, but the regulations will ban the resell and the trading in of those stoves….”

    Ah, the old “gradualism” game…by 2020 or so the regulations WILL force Americans to get rid of their old stoves!

    As Marge Simpson would say, “EPA! EPA!”

    1. yep and people will still continue to sell their used stoves to whom ever brings the cash or barter item ,, because again these are just like gun laws ..

      If I privately sell you my used wood burner and you want it and have the money for it .. how is the state going to know if that burner was already in your home for the past 10 + years ..Its all about not advertising and doing what you need to , to survive

      screw the EPA they dont pay my bills

  5. It’s coming soon people. Even Nostradumbass said there would be “Terror, Terror, Terror”. Now,, according to CNN, there may be a terrorist in a neighborhood near you. Watch out for the law infringement to escalate exponentially

    1. I am sure there are terrorists in my neighborhood, courtesy of OBlah blah and his zealotry to bring more moooooslims here.

  6. I guess I just went into the WOOD PELLET STOVE selling business. There is a couple places near me that make these. I can guarantee at least one of them will make me stoves. I will sell them.

    That’s the beauty of being a ‘sovereign’ or ‘my own king’. I just ask myself for permission. I even have it written down right in front of me
    “wood pellet stoves are to be kept unregulated”
    What do ya know!

  7. IF the epa were so concerned about air quality……then why did they raise the limits on airborne and water borne radio-isotopes in the weeks and months AFTER fukusallshima?
    why is it the epa cant control unmonitored emissions of tritium and strontium etc. from all nuclear power plants?
    lets NOT even mention the amount of airborne pollution that is created from
    the geo-engineering program(chemtrails). as another poster above stated”
    this is all about control” is the absolute truth. anything that can take you off
    the grid and allow any type of independence is being strictly regulated.
    f*&^%k the epa.

  8. It’s all organized clap trap ….designed to terrorize
    and irritate the people into complying.
    But in reality all they’re achieving is to alienate the
    populace which in turn places a target on communists
    backs, or heads….it doesn’t matter which.
    Yes, has one ever seen an animal irritated into striking back ?
    Oh what a sweet sight that will be. When the day finally arrives
    as the American Public finally realizes they’ve had enough.
    Piano wire, rope, and even barbed wire will be in short supply.
    Pitch forks, pointy rakes, and even torches will be hard to find.
    Oh the glee which will arise across the land once the tyrants
    finally met their doom. What a joyous occasion it will be …
    Once the People realize they’re FREE !

  9. its also just another way to shut down a viable business in this country

    something this government has been very dam good at lately

    tell um to go get F-ed

  10. So banning wood burning stoves is the new thing this week for EPA? Oh brother. 🙄 Now that is just PATHETIC!!

    I’ve got nothing else to say.

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