5 thoughts on “Everything is White Supremacy!

  1. To be fair, I day here thinking about the different regions of the world and the people in them.

    On the African continent, absolutely NOTHING has changed in several thousand years without the intervening of white Anglo Saxon intelligence.

    The same goes for the entire Middle East except, perhaps, for Iran…they are a smart, well educated people. No wonder the jews want them wiped out.

    Without the Conquistadors, Latin America would still be carving people up and tossing their body parts off of pyramids!

    American Indians were constantly at war with each other….and although their societies seem to have been stable and advanced, I’m not really sure if they’re better off or not.

    Australian natives would still be throwing spears at food without the penal colonies coming to Botony Bay.

    I’m not well educated on Asia and can’t make an analysis….

    Most of the world would still be living like it’s 500 BC of not for white inventions, white management.

    In what way are whites NOT superior?

    I don’t understand what the idiots in this video are protesting against.

  2. I tell my Half Japanese/half Filipino wife everyday that I am superior to her, damn if she doesn’t just laugh at me….

    Oh well, I know I’m superior, that’s what’s important…!!

    As long as we keep focused on race, they are gaining an edge on us, Bill of rights, common law and personal, individual sovereignty is ALL that fkn matters…..

    1. You are absolutely correct, but their folly is they don’t realize we American nationals, who outnumber all the rest thousands to one, quit looking at the pigment of one another’s skin a long time ago.
      But if it helps them in the end and they really feel strong about race, we will make sure that the American national that pulls the lever to hang them is the same color as they are, that way they will know that race doesn’t have anything to do with it.

  3. Ahhh, the stoking of the fires of civil war. All these petty little civil wars that serve THE STATE and keep the attention off its horrible deeds. Why has this tactic worked for so long? Why? I am looking for ways to end this tactic.


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