1. she is a rotten filthy Israel firster.. she holds no allegiance to the uSA.. so whatever she’s up to . she better be careful. when they start thinking they’re important.. that’s when the brake fail lightning strike heart attack 2 to the back of the head suicide happens.. if she exposed that we are actually supporting funding backing the Nazis over there and that the Nazis are actually jooz.. she’ll be Epstein’d!! .. and that’s fine by me.. I’m just saying.

    2. She’s obviously just doing her bit, you know that old jew thing of trying to deceive everyone that’s it’s the absolute antithesis of everything jew that’s responsible for all the problems of the world. So obviously it’s white supremacist nazis who are doing all the poisoning, raping, murdering, pillaging, stealing, etc, etc, etc because people with a European genetic heritage probably pose the biggest threat to jewish power. That old chesnut, you know how it is. If there was no white people around it would be the Japanese or the Pakastanis or someone else as long as jews are always the “good guys” or the victims. Just TJB the same way it’s always been since J’s have been on the planet.

    3. Rob, we covered some of this a few days ago. You can read comments here:


      It’s good that whatever source shows up here gets put under the microscope, and good that we all have a microscope and are willing to use it and report back. Ha!!

      Also am remembering a pic of Loomer with flamer Milo Yiannapoulos with him sitting in what looks like a blood bath. This was a few years back. When it originally posted it was not about Halloween costumes but rather about some sick ritual. I’ll look for that link.


          1. And who could forget when she stormed the stage on behalf of Trump:

            The two sides goin’ at it. Wonder if she got the bio-weapon that Trump says he’s the father of. Hmmm…


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