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The aim of all secret societies is and has been the creation of a philosophic society –  in better words a Philadelphia (city of brotherly love).  However the truth is that most secret societies have keep the “SECRETS” to themselves under the premise that they alone should be the keepers of the sacred truths and that these secrets should be kept from the prying eyes of the “vulgar” (common people).  This was done, by their own words, to keep societal order, but has degenerated into an elite sector that use the sacred truths to their own evil ends, having long ago forgotten the original tenets of the profound truths of which they stand as self proclaimed guards.  So jealous of their secrets, they only pass them on to those who, under the threat of death by gruesome means, promise to secure their safekeeping.  

The elite have created structures that lock the common people into their systems and keep them ignorant of the profound truths that govern the universe. The structures the elite use to confine us are what we see around us every day, and all roads in this system lead back to the same origins.

and the ever present societal norms known as “Pop Culture” (TV, music, sports and the controlled media).

These systems are placed there to lock us “the common peoples” a state of total ignorance of the truths all around us forcing us into the material world without every coming to the seminal truth that we are in fact gods in our own right in this material world.

Freemasons have upon their altars (depending up the locale and local beliefs) a Bible, Koran, Torah or Upanishads. The reason  for this is because as they say themselves that all men are equal before “The Great Architect of the Universe”, i.e., “God”. The real hidden reason for this open mindedness is because the masters of the Lodge know that all religions have the same purpose and any religion that people choose brings about the same ends. Those ends are to keep men/women in a state of spiritual blindness as to who they really are. The traveler comes into the real state of being through a long process of initiations of more and more levels, or as they say themselves, “by degrees”. Once being bound by blood oaths given by a cadre of the loyal, the initiate can then come into the knowledge of the truth understood by the masters, knowing that their secrets are safe. The truth is that those truths have long been lost in the lodges, having been corrupted by worldly influences and lost in the fog of the world. For most initiated persons the lodge has become a place to labor under the illusion that they are the true keepers of the Truths when the real Truths have been lost long ago under the metaphor of Masonry’s lost word.

I say this will total humility –  how can the world attain the “Philosophic empire” when the masses of the world are totally ignorant of the Truth? The answer is, it cannot be attained by hiding the truth under a basket or, in this case, behind the doors of a lodge. The truths need to be talked about in an open and non-judgmental way.

There will be those who come to this place to create rancor and strife and they will be known for who they are by their actions. We are entering a “New Age” and the sages of old tell us that this new age is the age of enlightenment.  Gone forever will be the old age of lies, deceit and half-truths. It may be true that Francis Bacon was right that the “New Atlantis” is upon us and golden age will come about with the enlightenment of all peoples.  We offer this site as a forum for the quickening of that great work.

The simple truth is that the “Old School”, known to the lightly initiated as the New World Order, has been around since the days of Atlantis, or what is called the pre-diluvian age. Francis Bacon turned over a trump card is his writing of his master work, “The New Atlantis”.  The irony is that in the philosophic Atlantis all men and women were Hierophants/Preists and ALL knew what today are closely guarded secrets kept only to the “properly initiated”.  Today we have lost sight of the true philosophic empire that was once Atlantis and we will succumb to the same fate as Atlantis.

Atlantis, having once been the envy of the entire world, a true city of brotherly love, lost sight of their beginnings and became Evil. Yes –  I said evil.  I know that in this day and age the concept of evil is lost among most peoples, but that is the crux of the problem of keeping the “common peoples” in total ignorance of the profound truths hidden from their sight and available to the few deemed “worthy” to become a temple of the truth to themselves.

The purpose of this site is to become a place where the truth can be disseminated to the “vulgar”, common peoples.  I use the term “common peoples” and “vulgar” with love and respect and not with the guile that the masters of secret societies use. I’m under no prohibition (blood oaths, etc.) from sharing what truths I know and intend to share these truths and hope to learn from the interaction with others who are, metaphorically, “seeking light” and “travelers coming from the East” – in the pure sense of those terms.


Please visit http://survivingsurvivalism.com/mystery.htm.  We look forward to having many profound dialogues about these subjects with you all.

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