17 thoughts on “Family Friends and Reflections.

  1. Thanks, Hal, and blessings to you, too. Every time I see a candle burning, or even a picture of one, it always calms me down.



  2. Thank you, Hal! God bless you and your efforts, as well. Being thankful for what we have is important. It’s not enough of what we are owed, but keeping everything in perspective gives US the strength to continue fighting.

    1. Keep the faith brother, I,m stage 2 colon cancer, 3 years now, stay strong my friend. They took half my intestines, yeah, cancer is a bitch.

    2. FarmerDave. you are now on my prayer list.
      Mark you are too, and have been, as are a lot of others here. God bless you and stay strong. We’re all here for a reason.

  3. FarmerDave, so sorry to hear this. I’m a praying woman therefor you will be in my prayers. With God NOTHING is terminal.

    1. WOW…You said my thoughts, galen.
      Blessings to you, FarmerDave and Mark. Keep the Faith. Miracles do happen. I have faith that you will pull through. Don’t give up. Stay Strong. <3

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