Fauci & DOD Caught Hiding Vax Deaths~’This is Corruption at the Highest Level’ – Atty Tom Renz at Senate Hearing


January 26th, 2022.

Jan 26, 2022, Ken Adachi Commentary:
This is a RARE and significant Senate Hearing hosted by Sen Ron Johnson with a room full of Covid Death Jab Truth Tellers who are all well known on the internet for their videos and interviews exposing the Covid Death Jab Genocide Operation unleashed upon America and the entire Western World starting in March of 2020.
Just LISTEN to the statistics being reported from a DOD Weekly Report referred to by Atty. Tom Renz.
Findings from DOD Report
– Neurological debilitation has increased over 1000%, changing from 82,000 per year to 863,000 (Eight Hundred and Sixty Three THOUSAND !! ) in ONE year
– Miscarriages increased by more than 300% over a 5 year average
– 300% increase in cancer over a 5 year average (due to change in immunity response due to Vax manipulation of mRNA and DNA P53 gene monitoring)

7 thoughts on “Fauci & DOD Caught Hiding Vax Deaths~’This is Corruption at the Highest Level’ – Atty Tom Renz at Senate Hearing

  1. We got admiralty attorneys. We got gold-fringe flag. We got an unlawful senator from an unlawful Senate mentioning what he will “allow.” We got doctors, most of them trained in allopathic medicine. We got some high-ranking military. We hear “covid” validated. We hear about the value and importance of soldiers. Is this not the heart of establishment and mainstream? Yes.

    Yet, we have truth bombs, and delivered with conviction and even compassion, likely born of conscience. Is this truth seeping in where truth is often not allowed? What will come of this? Will any see it’s the whole system that is corrupt, the very system that most of them have been serving? Will any defect and come all the way over to The Bill of Rights? I don’t know. But this appears to be a considerable step. What times we are in, when the status quo is being rocked by those who know, who see, who understand that the goings on have been anti-humanity and anti-freedom. How tired the people are of suffering. We want our lives back. Any help appreciated but it better be real.


  2. Could it help bring down the house of cards? If nothing else, it could spread awareness, bring others to the fight.


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