3 thoughts on “Man accused of harassing kids for wearing face masks in La Crescenta parking lot

  1. Oh, like yelling at kids is worse than the psychological damage that this whole fake pandemic is causing.
    That adult wearing a mask is an idiot.

  2. I don’t for one second believe he “just started yelling at kids who didn’t do nothing, just minding their business”. I guarantee he was harassed or provoked and them went off on them. And of course the media can’t wait to make “anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers” look completely insane, irrational and confrontational. I doubt the media would bring out the events that led up to this, but I’m sure of it. And as for the “just kids” argument, gtfoh with that. These are teens, very capable of harassing and provoking and even assaulting people as they do many times. Teach your kids a lesson, or someone else will.

    1. If these little f-kers want to act like they’re adults and think they can f-k with adults, they can expect at least to be yelled at.
      And as for this communist c-nt filming the incident, when he seen this fella was not intimidated one little bit by him and his f-king mouth, what did he do? That’s right, straight for his 911 balls. What are c-nts like this going to do when there are no 911 balls to back their mouths because their aren’t enough 911 balls to match the thousand to one deficit in their numbers?
      They want to give kids 16 years old the right to vote. The right to vote comes with the possibility of getting your ass kicked or going off to war. These parents better get a hold of their f-king brats because there are some people who won’t just put up with a smart f-king mouth, no matter who it is attached to.

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