6 thoughts on “Fauci: “I didn’t shut anything down…”

    1. Either him or Trump. Supposedly the left is blaming Trump for saying the “vaccines” were safe and effective (true, he did), but what ideological group of people demanded the “vaccine” mandates in the first place? THE LEFT! Cuomo. Gavin Grusome. Nazi Pelosi. All blue state governors and mayors. Nearly all Democrats (as well as RINOs)…the WOKE! And what ‘president’ mandated the “vaccines”? Wasn’t it Biden?

      1. Yeah, I saw the narrative shift. The fake left/right dance, taking turns around the dance-floor of truth and lies, all for the big lie of TOTAL CONTROL!! Fall-guys and scapegoats will be all over the place. So will our Bill of Rights. No matter how dire things look, it’s a comin’ and we’re comin’ with it.


      2. What is a RINO? And somebody who isn’t a RINO I guess is a real Republican, huh?
        Just can’t let go of this left/right bullshit, can you?
        Not just the Democrats and the RINOs are going in the ground, but every son of a bitch that participated in the fraud through any corporate apparatus, be that the incorporated Democrats or the incorporated Republicans.
        I don’t know who did it, but I do know they shit through the same hole. And whoever was put in the position, that is who did it, following the orders of the zio pig shit eaters who they serve.

  1. This pos thinks he can just retire now !! HE is Guilty he is probably underground counting piles of cash till his death!

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