FBI: Militants may be working on plan to strike US

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WASHINGTON (AP) — An al-Qaida cell in Syria that was targeted in American military airstrikes last month could still be working on a plan to attack the United States or its allies and is “looking to do it very, very soon,” the head of the FBI says.

“Given our visibility we know they’re serious people, bent on destruction,” FBI Director James Comey said.  

The Khorasan Group, a small but battle-hardened band of al-Qaida veterans from Afghanistan and Pakistan, was the target of U.S. strikes near Aleppo, Syria.

In an interview broadcast Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Comey said the militants were “working and, you know, may still be working on an effort to attack the United States or our allies, and looking to do it very, very soon.”

Senior U.S. officials have not said whether the group’s plots have been disrupted.

Comey said the U.S. believes there are about a dozen Americans fighting alongside extremist groups in Syria. He said if someone has fought alongside the Islamic State militant group and tries to come back to the U.S., “we will track them very carefully.”

He said Americans should have confidence in changes made since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, pointing to a government “better organized, better systems, better equipment, smarter deployment. We’re better in every way that you’d want us to be since 9/11.”

Comey also addressed cybercrime, comparing Chinese computer hackers to a “drunk burglar” who steals with reckless abandon, costing the U.S. economy billions of dollars every year. He said the hackers target the intellectual property of U.S. companies in China every day.

“They’re kickin’ in the front door, knocking over the vase, while they’re walking out with your television set. They’re just prolific. Their strategy seems to be: ‘We’ll just be everywhere all the time. And there’s no way they can stop us,'” Comey said.

The Justice Department earlier this year announced a 31-count indictment against Chinese hackers accused of breaking into computer networks at steel companies and the manufacturers of solar and nuclear technology, with the goal of gaining a competitive advantage. China has denied the allegations.


7 thoughts on “FBI: Militants may be working on plan to strike US

  1. Does a day go by when we don’t get another shovel full of BS throw into our faces by the FBI?

    Just shut up, you stupid bastard. No one’s listening to your lies anymore.

  2. “Criminals may be working on a plan to kill the american people.”

    Now there is a headline with some “who gives a sh!t”

  3. My Fellow Amerians:

    The FBI (F-ederal B-ureau of I-filtrators) ARE the militants threatening America!

    JD – US Marines – Our greatest enemies are right here in America,.. in Washington DC (District of Communists), and masquerading as some “gov’t” agency,… like DHS, TSA, BLM, IRS, FBI,… and every other alpha-bit agency.


  4. The only successful busts the FBI achieved were the ones they set up with loser patsy’s to take the fall. And the only reason the busts sounded successful was the FBI told us so. Let’s face it, most people have lost faith in anything our government does. They are all proven liars.

  5. Surrrrreeee….sure, sure…… And on the other channel we have the Ebola News Network and if we flip to the next channel we have the Nature channel featuring “Pennsylvania: The Hunt for Frein”. Also, stay tuned tonight for the Home and Garden TV special, “SWAT-ing your home and garden” followed by a spin-off of “COPS” called, “Homeowner Nazis” which also uses the infamous theme song, “Bad Boys”.

    It’s no wonder no one watches Cable TV anymore. There really is nothing worth watching.

  6. I pray for another fake 9/11 event.
    I pray for another fake 9/11 event.
    I pray for another fake 9/11 event.

    It’s a little known fact.
    All FBI personnel must kneel, on a carpet, 5 times each day, while facing Quantico VA.
    Upper body bobbing, up and down, is encouraged. It’s like the “wailing wall” only you are prostrate instead of standing and bashing your head agains the bricks. (Basically the same shit).
    The above chant is the secret content of those prayers.
    I “know” this because Edward Snowdon “told me”.

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