FBI says ricin letters sent to Obama and Sen. Wicker are not linked to Boston Marathon bombings

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According to the FBI, the letters that reportedly tested positive for ricin sent to President Barack Obama and Senator Roger Wicker are not connected to the Boston Marathon bombings.

More letters may be received as the investigation continues, according to a statement issued Wednesday by the FBI. It is important to note that the positive test for ricin is only preliminary and a full lab test – which can actually contradict the preliminary test – can take up to 48 hours to complete.  

“There is no indication of a connection to the attack in Boston,” the FBI statement said, casting aside the speculation surrounding a link between the two incidents.

While the letters were sent to Obama and Sen. Wicker, a Mississippi Republican, both were actually detected at an off-site mail screening center on Tuesday and never reached the White House or Capitol, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The FBI statement added that a third screening center reported a positive ricin test Wednesday morning, spurring further testing of mail at the center.

The letter addressed to Obama contained a “granular substance that preliminarily tested positive for ricin,” according to the FBI statement.

The Los Angeles Times drew a connection between this incident and the anthrax mailings in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks along with ricin being found in a Senate mailroom in 2004.

The FBI said that the letters discovered yesterday are currently at the lab undergoing a thorough analysis which may or may not back up the preliminary findings.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said that he had no comment on the president’s reaction to the most recent news, though he did say that Obama had been briefed on the incidents.

UPDATE: Federal agents have now reportedly arrested an individual in connection with the letters. Officials identified the suspect as Paul Kevin Curtis of Tupelo, Mississippi, according to NBC News. Curtis could appear in court as early as tonight.

Updates will follow as information becomes available.

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One thought on “FBI says ricin letters sent to Obama and Sen. Wicker are not linked to Boston Marathon bombings

  1. Between the bombings (there will be more of them) and the poisoned envelopes it looks like they’re trying hard to re-create the “post 9-11” feeling of fear throughout the country.

    People are a lot wiser than they were ten years ago, and the MOSSAD psy-ops are exposed immediately now. Our government (I believe it’s called the Knesset now) is trying desperately to dig its way out of the hole they dug themselves into with the same old shovel that buried them in the first place. With every failed attempt, a million people open their eyes, and join our side.

    What took years to expose after 9-11 is now known in a day. We’ve already won this war. We just have to make it official.

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