FDA approves a pill that tells your doctor whether you’ve swallowed it or not

Boing Boing – by Carla Sinclair

A new pill that tells your doctor whether you’re swallowing it or not has just been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The pill – a new version of Abilify by Otsuka Pharmaceutical – will have a digestible sensor in it that will let a patch worn by the patient know when the pill is going down the hatch. The patch will then relay the message to the patient’s mobile app, and, like a game of telephone, the mobile app will send the info over to the doctor. (Of course the mobile app will have already been given permission by the patient to send this personal information to the doctor.)  

According to Mashable:

The FDA’s decision Monday comes a year and a half after the agency rejected the product. At the time, the agency said it needed more information about how the product is used and how human error could create risks. Monday’s hard-won approval could come as a big boost for Otsuka, which had lost market share after Abilify went generic but will now have a way to make the product stand out.

No more forgetting to take your pills – or sneaking it under the mattress when no one is looking.

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2 thoughts on “FDA approves a pill that tells your doctor whether you’ve swallowed it or not

  1. I’m feeling really naughty.

    This could also be used to convict prostitutes in a court of law.

    I apologize. ..

    I can’t help myself…

    I need some serious help.

    You people are setting me up for bad sick jokes.

    I’m to the point that I’m gonna smash my smartphone and cancel my p.o. box at the post office.

  2. I particularly hated this headline. I think about if I one day (God forbid) end up in a nursing home and they’re tryin’ to give me all the pills I’ve always refused to take, and I reason with myself: “Well, I’ll just pretend to take them and when they look away I’ll spit them out.” But they have anticipated me; want to make sure I accept the poison. I can’t stand the level of pompousness the control-machine has escalated to. What next?!

    Will they want to shower with us to assure proper hygiene? Demand to watch any sex we have just to be sure we don’t hurt our backs? It’s all for our safety and well-being, you know. They care so much about us. Or maybe they’ll want to sleep next to us to assure we’re breathing correctly? I have a few friends who actually submitted to those sleep lab experiments for help with snoring and apnea. Bring your best jammies and we’ll tuck you in and then we’ll laugh while you snore and dribble and…

    No offense to any who might have been helped by this, but it’s turning into a phenomenon. I mean, I run into to so many people who now have that sleeping device. I could understand a few cases, but it’s gotten out of hand with folks buyin’ what they’re sellin’. I just tell myself I’ll take my chances; I ain’t sleepin’ with one of these:


    Maybe we need 7 billion t-shirts that read:



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