Fear Of Martial Law… And Other Crimes

Radio Free Redoubt – by JOHN JACOB SCHMIDT

As the headlines read, three men were arrested in North Carolina yesterday (03 Aug 15).  The Headline Revealed several implications the left, and the government, want you to have hard wired into your psyche.

A.  Feds accuse men of ‘Prepping’.

Implication: The word ‘Prepping’ wasn’t used by mistake.  In multiple jurisdictions federal and state agencies have been asking for help reporting anything suspicious, including activities associated with ‘preppers’.  Prepper = Evildoer (in the New Speak)  

B. Prepping for Martial Law:  Prepping for martial law isn’t inherently illegal.  Our own government is ‘prepping for martial law.’   If folks go to the grocery store to stock up for the week because of curfews, they are ‘prepping for martial law.’

Implication:  Resisting martial law must be squashed.  Even the thought of it.  Martial Law means unbridled heavy-handed, liberty sacrificing control over the people — temporarily, of course.  What they mean is three men were preparing to RESIST martial law.

There are three ways to  ‘Prepare for Martial Law’:

1.  Prepare to conduct and enforce martial law (Government)

2.  Prepare to submit and comply with martial law, or stock up on supplies and then go ‘gray’ (The masses)

3.  Prepare to resist martial law (either through advocacy, political persuasion, by force, or a combination of the aforementioned)

Those who do not prepare for martial law have thrown their fate to the mercy of the winds blowing you through a labyrinth of obstacles that you really don’t want to collide with.

And in all cases, fully rely on God to see you through it.

Mid-article summary:

Government preparing for martial law = GOOD

Citizens preparing for martial law = BAD

…at least, that’s how any good Komrade should perceive things to be.  You are a good Komrade, aren’t you?


In this case, the men allegedly were preparing to resist martial law.  And that just makes those preparing to enforce martial law a bit nervous.  And if they can remove you preemptively, that’s all the better for the tyrants who are making plans to use martial law as a primary control mechanism over the populace in the future.

So, now three patriots will be watching TEOTWAWKI happen through bars, hoping and praying that someone is taking care of their families for them, because they’re not there to do it themselves.

All of this, of course, is under the assumption that they truly were engaged in activity which are currently categorized as federal offenses.  So, what were the alleged [non]-offenses?

The article begins with, and sprinkles throughout, ‘accusations’ of acquiring equipment, conducting activities, and having ‘fears’, which are NOT illegal.   Listing the following items as evidence:

–  Fearing a government takeover and martial law  (justifiable concern, and not a crime)

–  Stockpiled weapons, ammunition and tactical gear (what every American should own already, and not a crime)

–  Ammunition for a .338 caliber rifle  (What good is the rifle without ammunition?  This is not a crime)

–  Purchased hand-held radios (Watch, one day personal two-way communications will be banned — Except smart devices, so they can track you.  You’ll be allowed, or issued, a Homeland Security receiver so you can listen to NOAA for instructions on safely reporting to your community amnesty point for turning in guns and lining up for rations and travel passes, which you had better not get caught not having in your posession)

–  Kevlar helmets  (You mean, like our government has?  This is not a crime)

–  Body armor  (You mean, like our government has?  This is not a crime)

–  Face masks  (Seriously?)

–  Preparation for an armed resistance to the feared military occupation.  (You mean like the founding fathers did?)

–  Spoke openly about their opposition to Jade Helm 15.  (So, are we supposed to speak secretly about Jade Helm, or any other military activity?  No, you’re supposed to avoid speaking of it [government activities] at all!  You all know how I feel about Jade Helm.  It’s a TRAINING EXERCISE.  The Special Forces are not using a training exercise as a ruse to suddenly begin rounding up patriots.  Not happening.  And I’ll keep saying it.  The government WILL come after its citizens one day.  Jade Helm aint it.  But in either case, speaking openly  about one’s opposition to Jade Helm is NOT A CRIME!)

The breaking news piece goes on to point out some things that truly could get you in trouble today, and these are rules which have been in place for quite some time.  We may never know what underhanded tactics, techniques, and procedures the agencies used to lure, entice, or entrap the wayward patriots, but in the overwhelming majority of the cases, we’ve learned that an undercover agent talked the ‘perps’ into doing something crazy, and then conveniently providing the material support to carry out the task.  Wah-lah!  “Place your hands behind your back.”

What could get you in real trouble today?

– Attempting to manufacture pipe bombs and live grenades from military surplus “dummy” grenades

– Planned to makes explosives out of tennis balls covered in nails and coffee cans filled with ball bearings

– Planning to purchase an assault rifle along with ammunition for Barker, whose past convictions for possession of stolen goods and cocaine barred him from possessing a gun.

“Attempting” and “Planning?”   Obviously this news report from AP is very preliminary and it’s difficult to ascertain whether this was truly a ‘conspiracy to commit…’ or if they were simply ogling an Anarchist Cookbook, with sketches of IEDs when one of them said, “Now that would be a game changer.  Let’s try it!”  If they colluded together and took a single action toward achieving a viable plan, there you have ‘conspiracy to commit.’  But we’ll see.  Something tells me someone wanted these guys badly.

So, a lesson patriots!  Don’t do stupid crap!  The world is going to hell in a hand basket and you’re not doing anyone any good by getting yourselves thrown in the slammer because you wanted to test out some homemade grenade trick you saw in a book.

There are patriots in all the agencies and our military, but there are plenty who truly loathe patriots, especially when (unrelated to this story) a self-appointed militia ‘Colonel’ threatens to go to war with our Special Forces once Jade Helm (a training exercise) kicks off.  And we’re not helping the cause by doing stupid stuff to get us thrown in prison this early in the game.  The game hasn’t even begun!  Although, the stage is being set.

Bear in mind, we don’t have all the facts concerning this case with the three ‘accused’ men from North Carolina.  They may not be guilty of any crime at all, and certainly many of the ‘accusations’ pointed out in the media were clearly non crimes.  But if nothing else, this does provide a great learning opportunity that hopefully we can all grow from.  For the record, I don’t have illegal weapons, I don’t buy firearms for convicted felons, I don’t make improvised bombs, and I don’t advocate that anyone does.  But for heaven’s sake…

OPSEC – Don’t blab about everything you do, or hope to do, or plan to do.  They are watching and listening.

Stay out of jail – Don’t do stupid crap like making bombs to ‘see if they work’.  They work!

Compartmentalize – Cache different equipment in different locations so in the event of a ‘tip’ that you “may” have something/doing something illegal, they don’t get all your LEGAL gear, such as body armor, AN/PVS-14, all your radios, and your, heh! facemasks.  Spread it out.  Even if you’re truly innocent, good luck getting all your gear back.

Encryption – Download Truecrypt, or obtain some other solid encryption and use it.  If you get raided, they’re taking your phone, your tablet, your laptop, et al.  Have all your data backed up, stored off site, and encrypted.  The intelligence value alone will be worth more to them than your Kevlar helmet and your body armor.  Encrypt all your sensitive data, because even if it’s not related to your alleged crime, they’ll be snooping and copying, and (I reiterate) good luck getting your gear back.

There’s plenty you can do to ‘prepare for martial law’ without going to jail.  Stick to that for now.


6 thoughts on “Fear Of Martial Law… And Other Crimes

  1. We all know that the MSM is in bed with the DHS, we all know that being Christian, or a veteran, or God forbid,…dare I say it?…white, is enough to cast suspicion upon an individual, we must now use our strongest asset, our minds. Regardless of how hard the government tries, they cannot dumb down everyone, just the more pliable types, you know, druggies, drunks, liberals, etc…, keep your f*cking mouth SHUT! avoid diarrhea of the mouth, even among like minded individuals, the government has eyes and ears everywhere, and if you don’t believe me, just ask these three poor souls that are now cooling their heels in jail. When you do prep, pay with cash, no receipts, avoid mail order houses, the feds have their ENTIRE list of customers, and yes, they will use that list to forcibly invite you and yours for a free vacation in sunny Camp FEMA! Most importantly, read your Bible, liberty is a term found in the book of James, and actually all through the good book, our laws and customs emanate directly from Christianity, that is why the govt. is doing everything in their power to marginalize Christians. Pray for our nation and for your neighbors, we will need those prayers in the not too distant future.

    1. One more thing…INFILTRATE THEM if you can…no reason why them infiltrating us can’t be turned on them.

      And be a NON-CONFORMIST! Jesus Himself said it: Do not conform to the world. (in the various Gospels).

  2. its proof to me that ML is on its way.. or why would they be so scared of these guys?

    “In this case, the men allegedly were preparing to resist martial law. And that just makes those preparing to enforce martial law a bit nervous.,<— And if they can remove you preemptively, that’s all the better for the tyrants who are making plans to use martial law as a primary control mechanism over the populace in the future".<—

    need they tell you more?, this isnt about what they were doing, this is about what they could have done WHEN the government decides its GO TIME..its coming folks dont fool yourselves

  3. Fear of Martial Law ? Are you kidding me ? America is already in Martial Law. Anyone remember the 100 mile ” Constitution Free Zone ” ? We just don’t have a 24/7 indefinite curfew . . . yet.

    Fear is a tool of control. NO ONE can go completely under the radar anymore. Trying to hide or disguise is but an admission of fear. One can fear death ( which is an illusion ), or incarceration ( anyone who allows themselves to be taken into custody has bought into fear – in my view ). To me it all comes down to ” the fear of death “, which is an inevitability in this life. The question is: On your feet, or on your knees ? I choose my feet . . .

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