Feds installing facial recognition cameras to identify pedestrians at night and through fog


Samsung’s ‘WISE NETIII‘ facial recognition CCTV’s will soon be installed in San Francisco.

According to the SF Gate:

“San Francisco’s public transit agency plans to purchase up to 150 cameras marketed for their ability to find and focus on human faces, although city officials insist the devices will monitor only traffic — not people.”

Since 2014 police have been using facial recognition traffic cameras to identify drivers in motor vehicles and their passengers.

A company called Vigilant Solutions uses their cameras to identify, drivers and passengers.

Though primarily intended for fixed security camera installations, the software could allow police to identify the occupants of vehicles when the system is supplied with a clear photograph of a car’s interior. In states such as California and Arizona where red light cameras and speed cameras photograph the front of a car, the video stream can be analyzed in “near real time” to catalog and identify the driver and anyone in the passenger seat of passing vehicles, flagging any “person of interest.”

But officials claim that’s not happening in Calif., trust them.

San Francisco spokesman Paul Rose, claims they put the words ‘facial recognition’ in their bid because it’s common practice to list all the specifications of a product they hope to obtain.

“The Municipal Transportation Agency is seeking a vendor that will sell cameras equipped with “face detection” technology, according to bidding documents posted online. Those cameras will scan streets from traffic-light poles…”

Rose, claims the cameras won’t record and only offer live views of the streets.

Not to be outdone, BART, San Francisco’s transportation department is also installing surveillance cameras everywhere!

“BART is a very safe mode of transportation with a robust surveillance system with cameras located in train cars, on platforms, in stations, and even our police officers wear cameras. The Fleet of the Future is already being produced with cameras on all train cars. Now both our existing and future cars will have security cameras,” said BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation warns these cameras do more than just offer live feeds…

“These cameras would be trained on traffic, potentially picking up license plate data, which would allow for location tracking from law enforcement and others,” said Rebecca Jeschke, a digital rights analyst and media relations director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Anywhere that has a camera could end up employing face recognition technology,” said Chris Calabrese, vice president for policy at the Center for Democracy and Technology.

Just because the agency said it will not retain camera footage doesn’t mean that digital forensics experts couldn’t seek a judge’s permission to retrieve the data if they felt it was necessary, said security consultant Davi Ottenheimer.

“Face recognition allows secret tracking so any time you’re in public – whether you are attending a protest rally or visiting your doctor or entering a church or a bar – it could allow you to be identified and your movements tracked” said Calabrese.

Companies and the government are working hand-in-hand to profit from facial recognition:

The market value of facial recognition technologies is expected to nearly double from $230 million in 2015 to $450 million in 2019

Police State America is so bad, malls and churches have begun using facial recognition cameras.

“Most of them would like to keep this confidential…” Churchix CEO, Moshe Greenshpan said.

In the not too distant future: American retailers will follow and target customers using facial recognition software and track their cellphones.

Why would I say that?

Because it’s already happening in the UK.. The American Police state has adopted the UK’s CCTV surveillance program and much more.

Instead of ‘In God We Trust,’ America’s new motto should be ‘In Spying We Trust.’

Another company called Intelligent Security Systems, markets a facial recognition camera system called SecurOS FACE.

“As a Video Analytics/Biometrics Module SecurOS FACE images can be archived in a database for real time identification.  It can be used for active recognition where subjects know their image is being captured or passively, where they do not have knowledge of such surveillance.”

Today’s CCTV’s  are capable of tracking multiple faces…

“Multiple Face Captures per server, unlimited number of aggregate face capture detectors within a security network all reporting to one centralized Face Recognition Database.”

To find out more read, “Surveillance cameras can track multiple people.”

Samsung’s ‘Super Light Enhancer‘ can identify people at night and their ‘Defog‘ software can identify people through fog:

Samsung’s surveillance cameras can also detect changes in scenery and alert viewers when people cross a designated line.

A mere 50+ miles away from San Francisco, the Feds have been installing security cameras all around Santa Clara, which is hosting the Super Bowl.

Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews said that the city is getting help from Washington with an elaborate system of “cameras and sensors” that will be used to monitor light rail and buses operated to and from Levi’s by the Valley Transportation Authority, effectively expanding the sphere of safety for fans.

Santa Clara and DHS have marked Super Bowl 50 as a “level one” event — the highest classification for security at national events.

Don’t think for a second law enforcement will ever remove the cameras, if history is any indicator they’ll expand into residential neighborhoods…

“A big event doesn’t trigger privacy concerns,” says Kade Crockford of the ACLU. “What does trigger privacy concerns is the City of Boston installing a network of cameras — some in residential neighborhoods — that enable law enforcement to track individual people from the moment that we leave our homes in the morning until the moment we return at night, seeing basically everywhere we went and everything that we did.”

Don’t forget, police also have access to PRIVATE cameras!

Police/DHS and Motorola have been using private surveillance cameras to create a massive spy network.

Click here, here & here to find out how police across the country use CCTV’s to spy on the public.


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  1. “Rose, claims the cameras won’t record and only offer live views of the streets.”

    Then they will record.

    They can’t afford to pay people to watch them 24/7.

    1. If “Rose” wanted to create a situation where the lenses were acid etched effectively blurring the view it would not be that hard to do with simple products from any seller of plumbing products or concrete cleaners.

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