‘Fewer Than 1 Million Jews Killed in Holocaust,’ ultra-Orthodox Outreach Rabbi Says


A New York-based ultra-Orthodox rabbi who has posted thousands of popular outreach lectures online said in a lecture on Tuesday only about 1 million halachic Jews, meaning people born of a Jewish mother, perished in the Holocaust.

In a video on his YouTube channel filmed at a lecture in Queens, New York, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi cited high assimilation rates in Europe before World War II to make his claim that 80 percent of those identified as Jews killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust were not Jewish according to halakha, or Jewish law.  

“If you look at the percent of assimilation that there was in Europe, which already reached 80 percent, it’s reasonable to assume that 80 percent of the 6 million were not Jews,” said Mizrachi, who teaches at a yeshiva in Monsey.

“The truth is that not even 1 million Jews were killed. Not that this is, God forbid, an insignificant number, it’s massive, but there is a difference between 1 million and 6 million.”

“To the non-Jews, everyone who has a little bit of Jewish blood is Jewish,” Mizrachi explained. “For example, according to secular law, Howard Stern, the impure, despicable man, is a Jew.”
skip – Yosef Mizrachi says only 1 million Jews killed in Holocaust.

But, Mizrachi contends, his mother is not Jewish, so “it is forbidden for a [Jewish] woman to marry him.” Someone in the audience can be heard asking who is Howard Stern.

“There are thousands of people in the U.S. named Cohen and Levy who are total non-Jews…That’s how it was in Europe.”

Mizrachi also posts his videos on Divineinformation.com, his outreach website launched in 2004.

“These lectures and videos have created an enormous amount of followers in more than 50 countries, mainly in the USA, Israel, Canada, England,” the website says.

Mizrachi has over 6,000 YouTube subscribers and over 18, 400 Facebook followers, where he posts his videos and other guidelines on how to live like a Torah Jew.

In his most recent post entitled ‘Divine Laws about Women’s clothing,’ he delineates to the centimeter the way women must dress at all times, even in their own home.

Guidelines include rules like “a woman can show her feet up to 8 feet cm from the heel,” and “a woman does not have to wear stockings at home with her husband. But if her husband learns Torah or prays or makes blessings she has to wear stockings in front of him.”

After April’s devastating earthquake the decimated Nepal, Mizrachi posted a before and after photo of Kathmandu with the caption “all the idol worshiping places in Nepal are now destroyed.” The post sparked outrage on social media, but many of his supporters defended the post.

Mizrachi was born in Israel and moved to the United States in his 20s, where he received ordination.

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16 thoughts on “‘Fewer Than 1 Million Jews Killed in Holocaust,’ ultra-Orthodox Outreach Rabbi Says

  1. “… it’s reasonable to assume that 80 percent of the 6 million were not Jews,”


    This POS jew @sswipe changed NOTHING! He is STILL claiming 6 million were killed, just that most weren’t freakin’ jews… ‘ethnicity’ reassignment, that’s ALL it is.

    1. exactly — we all saw the same photos of the dead bodies, and there wasn’t one pound of fat between a hundred of them.

      They obviously staved to death, and since most of Germany was starving at the same time, it’s kind of foolish to think any food was going to make its way to prisoners anywhere in that country.

      1. I was being sickastic, you are so right JR, supply lines had been crushed months before the russians liberated awshitz.

        1. My mother, a captured Dutch Resistance Fighter who spent 6mo. in Buchenwald, 6mo. in the labor camps, and one year in the Concentration Camp near Nurenburg, and my father, a Canadian Soldier who landed both at Dieppe and at D-Day, who was with one of the first units that crossed the Rhine, who liberated some of the camps and who stayed for one year during the occupation: Both my parents, both from German ancestry, both who spoke fluent German, both Catholic: Have said, there were no gas chambers, and most died of typhoid and starvation – as the allies bombed everything that moved the last few years of the war, preventing any supplies from reaching not only the German soldiers and hold outs, but the camps also received very little to none supplies of any kind.

          Both parents talk about how hundreds of thousands of Jews flocked to Germany when the war ended to “claim” they were incarcerated and to collect any benefits and handouts.

          The International Red Cross was allowed unrestricted access to all Concentration Camps and Prison Camps, to all individuals in private, who recorded all deaths in the camps and interviewed the many Jews in each camp – claim from their documentation and records that approximately 350,000 Jews died in the camps, most from typhoid and other related sicknesses.

          Prior to WWII the sum of all European and “Jewish” census figures, including the World Alamanac, show approx. 15,250,000 Jewish population world wide. The 1946-48 census figures, also some from “Jewish” sources, show in 1947 the world population of Jewry to be 15,750,000 approx. Go figure.

          1. Boy howdy and thanks for that! On a side note, my grandfather was in the 501st. He was captured before D-day -1 and went through hell in a POW camp because he spoke fluent german, was a 1st generation German/American and beaten continuously for it. He said “ALL other POW’s were treated worst than jewish/american military prisoners. They were princes in that camp in Poland according to him. They made him march across Europe in bare feet all the way there, they ate the seeds out of cattle droppings sometimes. Sounds like a Elie Weasel story I know but, it’s in the books at their reunions.

  2. Don’t forget Eisenhower purposely starving almost 2 million German soldiers after the war because he didn’t think enough were killed. The starvation of all Germany happened after the Allies cut the supply lines and everyone starved alike. The Jews are fixated with the number 6. Six million dead Jews was posted in the news papers long before WWII. 1905, the New York Times, Jew owned, posted an article stating 6 million Jews could die in Russia and again once, can’t remember the date, that number was printed again in regards to dead Jews. WWII was the golden opportunity to declare it really came to pass. Too bad the body count didn’t match their paper records.

  3. Way fewer! And none died from being gassed. They died of Typhus, other diseases (including old age) and/or starved to death if they voluntarily moved to German camps ahead of the Red Army advance,

  4. Oh yeah, gotta joke here. What’s the worst thing about the Holocaust? It never happened. Love that one……

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