Five crucial skills to protect your health in a world overrun by toxic chemicals, dangerous drugs and medical propaganda

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You know why so many people suffer from preventable chronic disease in modern society? Because they don’t know how to protect themselves from a world that’s full of assaults against their health. Hour by hour, day by day, they are poisoned by toxic food ingredients, contaminants and additives. Their bodies absorb toxic chemicals from toxic personal care products and hazardous home building materials. Even the medical “treatments” they endure often cause them more harm than good.

That’s why this article is so important. Here, I teach you five crucial skills for saving your health in a world that’s constantly destroying your health.

Here are those five skills:

#1) Read ingredients lists and understanding what they mean

Ninety percent of all the toxic exposure to poisons in foods, personal care products and even household goods could be easily avoided by people simply reading the ingredients on product labels.

Most people don’t read labels because it’s too much work… or they don’t understand what all the chemical terms really mean.

But that’s part of the secret: If the ingredients are full of chemicals, don’t buy the product! Don’t rub it on your skin and don’t eat it!

It is an undeniable fact that food manufacturers and personal care product companies deliberately add cancer-causing chemicals to their products, knowing full well that such chemicals cause cancer and other serious diseases. Case in point: Sodium nitrite added to hot dogs, sausage, bacon and lunchmeat products. It’s a cancer-causing chemical that promotes brain tumors, leukemia, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. Why is it added to foods? Because it’s a preservatives that turns meats a pretty red color that tricks consumers into thinking those meats are “fresh.”

Don’t buy cosmetic products that don’t list their ingredients, by the way. Popular brand-name perfumes have even been found to contain over 20 cancer-causing chemicals, none of which are listed on the label. (Because it’s a “proprietary secret!”)

#2) Learn to really listen to your body

Perhaps it’s part of our modern-day reductionist cultural bias, but many people are strangely dissociated from their own bodies. As a result, they don’t tune in to their body’s needs, and they don’t consider the way foods make them feel.

I’ve known people who eliminated migraine headaches by removing all MSG (and yeast extract) from their diets. This is only possible, however, if you begin to pay attention to the link between when your head hurts and what you recently ate. Symptoms like head pain, chest pain or digestive discomfort are your body’s way of giving you urgent messages about your health.

This brings us to the subject of cravings: Cravings are a very clever way for your body to motivate you to acquire something missing in your diet. Cravings are, believe it or not, healthy signals. But many people misinterpret cravings and apply them to unhealthy habits.

For example, if you crave snack chips, often what your body is saying is that you are deficient in full-spectrum salt minerals. Salty snack chips help satisfy the salt craving, but unless the salt is full-spectrum salt (containing trace minerals), you’ll never be satisfied (and might eat the entire bag of chips).

Chocolate cravings are often just magnesium deficiencies being expressed as a desire for chocolate. Soda cravings are often an internal desire for more sweet fruits such as oranges and apples.

In fact, almost every “unhealthy” food craving you’ve ever experienced is actually your body’s cry for something healthy that you really need. Protecting your health means being able to understand what these cravings are really trying to tell you and reaching for the healthy item (an orange) instead of the unhealthy item (orange soda).

TIP: Eating an organic diet with lots of food-based mineral supplementation will often make food cravings disappear within 30 days.

#3) Don’t automatically trust your doctor – he may be uninformed

Doctors are smart people and most of them mean well, but unless they’ve gone through extensive training in nutrition and food-as-medicine, they simply aren’t informed about the power of nutritional healing.

Most doctors, sadly, are only trained in one system of medicine: the “drugs and surgery” system that believes no matter what’s wrong with you, it can be treated with a drug or surgery.

It turns out that many doctors are hopelessly out of date with cutting-edge nutritional science. Sure, they’re well educated on the latest prescription antidepressant drug, but they have no idea that you might be vitamin D deficient and why that’s important to address.

While there are some great complementary and alternative medicine doctors our there, don’t automatically trust doctors just because they are a doctor. Ask intelligent questions and don’t be afraid to walk away and find yourself a new doctor who seems better informed. I recommend working with licensed naturopaths or M.D.s who have extensive training in complementary medicine.

TIP: Just because your doctor says millions of other people are taking some drug (or undergoing chemotherapy) doesn’t mean it’s wise for you to do so. Remember, millions of people smoked cigarettes after doctors told them it was “healthy” to do so!

#4) Become a skeptic of all health information broadcast from pharma-funded media

Nearly all the health information you receive from the mainstream media is pharmaceutical propaganda that’s twisted and influenced by pharma money. The financial influence of Big Pharma is so insidious that you can’t trust any publication or network that runs pharmaceutical advertising. This includes medical journals and “science” journals, many of which used to run ads for Big Tobacco back in the day when tobacco controlled the “science” of the day. (JAMA used to run full-page ads that claimed “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette!”)

Mainstream media is also out to destroy all knowledge of nutrition, natural remedies and alternative cures. This is where you get absurd media scare stories with titles like, “These five superfoods might kill you!”

The media also routinely attacks vitamins and minerals while telling you that medications are your essential nutrients. You need medications and injections, they claim, to be a healthy human being. But don’t you dare eat organic food, take medicinal herbs or buy a food-based multivitamin… because that’s dangerous, they claim!

#5) Learn how to produce a significant percentage of your own food

If you aren’t growing at least some portion of your own food, you will never experience peak health. And by “some” I mean even something as simple as sprouting on a kitchen counter.

I drink sprouts every day, blended into a smoothie. I also grow a fair amount of vegetables and herbs, and it’s part of my formula for healthy living. This experience has led me to believe the more food you grow yourself, the healthier you’ll likely become.

Self-grown food is more fresh, more nutrient-dense and more satisfying to eat. Plus, the very act of growing and harvesting food is, itself, extremely healthful.

So if it’s not too late in your geographic region, start a Spring garden! Get something growing, even if it’s as simple as one row of carrots. You can start from there and expand it as you find it more and more rewarding.

These skills will never be taught to you by institutions of government, medicine or media

What do all these skills have in common? They empower you as an individual and make you less likely to ever need a doctor, a drug or a hospital.

As a result, no institutions in our modern corrupt society will bother to teach you these skills. There’s simply no incentive for any institution to make individuals more powerful and less dependent on the system.

That’s why you’ll need to take it upon yourself to learn these skills and practice them in your own life.

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  1. A very nice article that is right on. The only I would add is that you also have to learn to cook from scratch, and that at least for me, was a major challenge but I am now reaping fantastic rewards, both in health and in enjoying gourmet foods.

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