14 thoughts on “FLIGHT EMERGENCY – Engine Failure – Man Records Last Message To Wife & Kids

  1. I won’t watch because I’m sure it’s a tear jerker as he said get out a tissue. What I would like to know is if this guy told his family to enforce the ratified law which is their duty & right. So if someone listens to his last words & this is said, please post it in the comments. Thanks.

  2. Pretty… good one…. hhaaa

    Insert comic drum rim shot here.

    Bada ….Ching

    Here’s another good one.

    It has a happy ending.

  3. Oh boy. I fell hook, line, and sinker. Tears welling up.

    I’m gonna get you back CaptainObvious; count on it.



  4. This and a shit ton of memes are all over the internet with same closing line

    I think it should go viral and be seen EVERY WHERE

    There’s just too many sheeple to wake up
    Maybe we start seeing this on bill boards
    Seems the MSM isn’t interested in getting to the bottom of this
    So embarrass the shit out of them

    And just because a pedophile is “ missing” doesn’t mean his crimes and all his associations will disappear

    There’s a lot of prosecution getting squashed because they think he was eliminated so their stories are safe
    We need to make that no so

    Right Andrew and Bill?

    Is the small block Chevy firing order

    And Epstein didn’t kill himself

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