Florida’s GOP Debate and Straw Poll

We have witnessed yet another propaganda push for the two neo-con representatives running for president being billed as a GOP debate.  This so called debate was sponsored by FOX News and Google.  Now there are some people we can trust to bring us a fair and balanced debate, the corporate elitist FOX News Agency and the CIA’s own Google.

There was a very large audience at this so called debate consisting of those with enough wealth to either live in or retire in Florida who are unquestionably among the 20% of neo-cons making up the top 10% of money earners in this country.

I have a message for those neo-con scum bags.  The duplicity your money buys is not going to decide the 2012 election and when we take our country back we will physically slap the arrogant smirks off of your faces just before we put your elitist asses on the deportation barges headed for Somalia.

Once again at a phony debate every effort was made to minimize Ron Paul’s participation.  The Florida Straw Poll will be held today wherein those who will vote will pay for that privilege to the tune of $175.  So do you think there is going to be any long term unemployed participating?

There are now nine candidates competing for the GOP ticket and there is a reason so many names have been put in the hat.  There is indeed a method to the madness.  All but Ron Paul are establishment candidates.  In the beginning he was the only one speaking of the Constitution, States’ rights, the truth about the Federal Reserve, the need to end foreign wars, the need for a return of our personal liberties, and of course the absolute need to break the corporate stranglehold on Washington DC.  And this array of candidates is how the neo-cons are addressing the threat Ron Paul represents to the status quo.

Perry, Romney, Huntsman, and Santorum represent the neo-con, Chinese-loving, Israeli-bootlicking, status quo.  Any one of these candidates would be embraced as the GOP presidential candidate by the neo-cons because if they are put up against Barack Obama there will be absolutely no chance for any change in the status quo, which is providing record profits and record wealth to the corporate elite.

This means it is either Obama or one of these neo-con meat puppets which will take up right where Obama leaves off if he is not reelected, which will mean another four years of saying “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and the Economy,” as our jobs continue to be shipped to other countries and our economy continues to fall deeper into depression.  And of course the corporate elite will continue to steal our resources making record profits as more of the little bit the rest of us have to exist on is transferred away from us and to them.

It is either Ron Paul and a peaceful resolution or the necessity for a violent revolution, and the neo-cons and social communists want neither.  The fact is they are enraged at we the American people because we actually think we have the right to stop them from stealing.

I really do not care what these rich Florida pustules decide they want in their $175 straw poll as they are the minute and we are the many.  The fact is I believe any and all poll taxes associated with any kind of vote that might influence an election that involves the interests of the people et.al. are unconstitutional.  Once again the elite minority are trying to silence the voices of the majority using their money.  It is not going to work.

They are going to do what they are going to do in their mainstream media and we are going to blow them out of the water through the internet.  It really must be killing them as the impotence of their wealth increases daily.  I can just see them down in the fetal position throwing a fit because it has reached the point that their ill begotten wealth will no longer buy them everything they want.

We the American people of the American race are either going to decide this election through an honest contest or remove this treasonous government through war and there is not a goddamn thing the neo-cons or social communists can do about it.

I would like to see a Ron Paul commercial with him holding a copy of the Constitution in his hands, and saying, “Say hello to my little friend.”

We are going to have to get through yet another hard year but come next November we are going to prove the substance of that old saying, “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” and a deportation barge in January would be about as cold as you can get.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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