Flying Over America

Uploaded on Sep 28, 2010 by YessianMusic

Yessian Music has taken flight yet again…this time over America, in its latest installation in Shenzhen, China via Super 78 and directed by Brent Young.

Music by: Yessian Music
Composer: Dan Zank
Sound Designer: Jeff Dittenber
Mixer: Scotty Gatteño
CCO: Brian Yessian
EP: Michael Yessian

4 thoughts on “Flying Over America

    1. So did I, very much and I cried. I am 76 years old and remember like yesterday just how great our nation was. I was addicted to American History not the textbook but the real story. I remember reading and seeing videos of people coming here to Ellis Island from all over the world seeking what we had to offer. Willing to give up all they had their homes, their families to come to a strange land to prosper. We led the world. We were a great nation, sure we were not perfect and we did some pretty nasty things but all in all we still managed to grow in spirit and in hope.

      All that is gone now we have little left and soon we shall see what little is left gone. Gone forever of that I am sure for every Empire dies and leaves behind the ashes. I am so happy I am 76 and not young, I do not wish to be here to see its last drawn breath.

      Remember her.

      1. The grass quit growing, the water stopped flowing, and there are no more stars up in the sky.
        So is the way of the forked tongue lie.

        1. govt tis the enemy, only produces misery at a fee, also ISIS IS ISreal n THEY r using US Aoney in terrist ops ALL OVER the world

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