‘Foreign Invasion’ – Will US Military Confront Migrants At Border?

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President Trump has threatened to send the US military to confront a reported mass march of migrants from Central America toward the US border. Is it a good idea? What are the origins of the ‘crisis’? Who benefits? Who is at fault?

6 thoughts on “‘Foreign Invasion’ – Will US Military Confront Migrants At Border?

  1. They will be met with tickets to Disneyland, Asylum forms, free box lunch and a shower for the 300 pounders.

  2. Just because these invaders are not armed does not exclude the military from stopping them at the border as Ron suggests.

    Oh, and remember there are NO libertarians, dems. & repubs, etc..

  3. A -10’s and napalm will solve this problem. No more would attempt a crossing. Fast, complete,inexpensive and final…The solution is simple and easy. The US already has enough lawn mowers, dishwashers and criminals. We don’t need any more.

  4. It is sad and interesting that ALL media has failed to ask the most basic question: Why are they coming here instead of another south American country?
    A: FREE STUFF!!!!
    Ron Paul was right. Stop giving away all the free stuff and most will leave on their own. No wall. No rounding up and deporting. They’ll leave on their own.

  5. place TSA at border with full body xrays and enhanced pat downs. As much humiliation as possible. Then place an equal percentage of the invaders in gated communities.

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