Foreign soldiers tried to abduct, sexually assault 12-year-old girl in Missouri

Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh and Antoine ChlelaExaminer – by Dave Gibson

On Friday, Pulaski County sheriff’s deputies arrested Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh, 34, and Antoine Clela, 31, after they reportedly tried to lure a 12-year-old girl into their vehicle.

The pair repeatedly stopped in front of the victim’s home where she was playing with another young child, all the while asking her for “sexual favors,” according to deputies.  

Both Mefleh and Clela have been charged withenticement of a child and harassment, and are currently being held at the Pulaski County Jail on $200,000 bond.

View these suspects’ booking info…

The two are members of a foreign military, and are currently stationed at Fort Leonard Wood for training.

Pulaski County Sheriff Ron Long told KMOV:

There is no diplomatic immunity, they are guests and if they were diplomats it would be different, but they’re here on a training mission so we treat them like any other citizen charged with a crime.”

The suspects’ country of origin is not known at this time.


6 thoughts on “Foreign soldiers tried to abduct, sexually assault 12-year-old girl in Missouri

  1. Yea right, we know exactly what country these guys are from, after all they are training at our military base. Throw the book at these guys, make examples of them, and let them all know what happens to pervs in america.

  2. Fort Leonard Wood Mission and Priorities

    Mission Statement:
    The Maneuver Support Center of Excellence develops Leaders and Warriors; advances Engineer, Military Police, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) and Maneuver Support capabilities to ensure success in the current and future operational environments; sets conditions for training, readiness, deployment, reconstitution, and sustainment of all tenant forces.

    – Support Current Operations
    – Develop and Integrate for the Army:
    – – Engineer
    – – Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear
    – – Military Police
    – – Brigade Special Troops Battalions
    – – Maneuver Enhancement Brigades
    – – Counter-Improvised Explosives Device
    – – Protection
    – The Army Profession
    – Prevent sexual assault, harassment, and hazing
    – Improve Drill Sergeant Manning

  3. They are damn lucky it wasnt my daughter they were trying to lure into a car. Headlines would read ” two foreign soldiers missing ” that’s all!

  4. Seems like half the people they are in jail with are in for sex crimes rape and endangering minors.
    Country of origin unknown? odd. i guess its not israel because they are a ‘terror’ state and not a ‘real’ country.

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