Four kids aged between 5 and 10 taken into care after being found at a drag party with a dead trans woman’s body on the floor and drugs and sex toys scattered throughout ‘hoarder’ home by NOA HALFF FOR DAILYMAIL.COM

At about 11:11 AM, on Saturday, June 17th, officers responded to an 'unconscious person' and found four children hiding in a back room in filthy conditions

Four kids aged five to 10 have been taken into care after first responders found them hidden in a squalid Boston apartment surrounded by sex toys and drugs where a black trans woman was dead on the floor.

Emergency services found the unidentified woman’s body after an unconscious person report was made at 11am on Saturday morning. They reportedly found six adults who appeared to be men dressed as women inside, who were uncooperative and denied having children at the home.

The children were found jammed together in a cramped room, surrounded by filth and a stench permeating the air, hidden by an adult man reportedly wearing a wig.

City Councilor Erin Murphy told NBC the partygoers attempted to stop a responding firefighter from finding the kids.

‘When he opened the door, he saw four children and what I believe are two adults in the back room, and it was really disturbing to him,’ Murphy said to NBC. ‘They just seemed scared.’

Boston Police are classifying the incident as a death investigation resulting from cardiac arrest and no arrests had been made as of Wednesday.

Fire officials found the four children hidden in this squalid Boston apartment where a black trans woman was dead on the floor, surrounded by sex toys and drugs. Pictured: Inside the apartment block where the body and the four children were found

‘There was hoarding, a lot of uncleanliness in the apartment, lots of sex toys and drug paraphernalia all over the place,’ Murphy said.

The children were immediately removed from the hazardous environment and transferred into the care of child protective services, where medical professionals assessed their physical and mental condition.

It is unclear what the relationship is between the adults and children found in the apartment.

According to the police report, alcohol and drug consumption were not suspected, however, the dead body was transported to the Medical Examiner’s Office intake specialist, Lindsey Cadwell for further inspection.

It is not currently known what caused the woman’s death.

‘This is sickening,’ said At-Large City Councilor Michael Flaherty to the Boston Herald. ‘I was informed by people at the scene that there were drugs, alcohol, sex toys all around the apartment as well as a dead body on the floor.’

Flaherty told the Herald the woman found on the floor had died ‘from an apparent overdose’ and that ‘a man wearing a wig claiming to be the father’ of the kids was found in a back bedroom.

Neighbors told NBC10 Boston they were traumatized by the discovery.

‘It was traumatic. I can’t get that out of my head, nor can anyone else who saw that.’

‘I don’t know what transpired there. I don’t want to know what transpired there because I think that would make me personally feel even more uncomfortable and unsafe,’ she added.

The neighbor told NBC10 she has not felt safe in the apartment complex for years.

‘People popping the doors to come in, people hanging out and carrying on all hours of the night,’ she said.

‘I think in light of what happened it would be smart to have [police] come around more  to kind of keep things in check and make us feel like we can come and  go comfortably,’ she said.

Another neighbor, Millie Payoute, told NBC the victim is a friend of her neighbor’s and she died inside her neighbors’ apartment.

‘Just very sad,’ Payoute said. ‘I’m keeping her and her daughters in my prayers.’

Police say the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families was called due to the apartment’s condition, and investigated the incident.

Council President Ed Flynn, said the discovery was ‘inhumane and horrific’ according to the Boston Herald.

‘This underscores the need for oversight into BHA inspections and eviction practices, security efforts in developments and protocols to ensure children are safe in every BHA apartment.’

Boston City Council is expected to meet a week from today to discuss the situation, find out what occurred and how to improve living conditions in Boston’s public housing.

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