FOX’s South Carolina GOP Debate – An Insult

The South Carolina GOP debate was truly an insult to the intelligence.  There was a large crowd which consisted of every neo-con in the state.  These people came from the Masonic lodges, country clubs, defense contractor associations, and of course the omnipresent Shriners.  And you know what?  Whooptidoo.  The people who will decide the election were outside just as surely as they have been put outside throughout our society by the one percent.

Rick Perry made a good showing and only came off as mildly retarded.

Rick Santorum made it clear that he will engage us immediately in new wars if elected.

Newt Gingrich again showed his complete contempt for the long term unemployed, suggesting that we are somehow separate and unequal.  You think you want to get a group of elitist neo-cons together to decide how we will be treated?  I’ll tell you something Newt, you are not our better and not only are we going to decide our own future, but when we have our Republic back you are going to be tried for the crimes you committed while Speaker of the House, as nowhere in the Constitution do your fellow Congress persons have the authority to dismiss your felonious crimes.

Mitt Romney made it clear that he will, if elected president, run our country just like he ran Bain Capital.  That means he’s going to get rid of your $30 an hour job working at the factory and move you to a position working at Home Depot for minimum wage, selling his Chinese made product that you used to make in the United States, of course made from our natural resources which he will procure for the corporate elite for nothing.

Dr. Paul was the only candidate that said he would not try to further hurt those who have been devastated by the theft of our $30 trillion, which every other candidate on that stage participated in in one way or another.  Every candidate but Ron Paul showed an arrogant “I’m better than you are” distain for the 99%.  Dr. Paul was the only candidate that said he would not take unemployment benefits away from the people that the other candidates have taken jobs from and either sent them overseas, or given them to foreigners on visas right here in the United States.

Dr. Paul was booed when he said he would not violate international law in invading foreign sovereign countries.  Those who booed were the neo-con, warmongering, industrial war complex supporting, parasites that grow fat from the blood of our children.

I hope everyone realizes that by law (that some of traitors on that stage put into place) sixty cents of every dollar spent on defense, by law, has to be spent in any other country on the planet but the United States.

This whole debate was a production designed to create the illusion that a lot of people in South Carolina support the status quo.  I say the only people in South Carolina who support the status quo were in that building last night and they were cheering and jeering literally for their lives, because when we the American people of the American race reinstate our Republic under our Constitution, with Ron Paul as our president, every damn one of them is going to be looking at, at a minimum, a stretch in a federal prison, followed by deportation, because every damn one of them has a government contract that is allowing them to steal the wealth of the United States through fraud and international murder.

Mainstream propagandists, you failed miserably.  Your credibility before this debate was about 9%.  I imagine it is about at 5% now.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

One thought on “FOX’s South Carolina GOP Debate – An Insult

  1. Dr. Paul kicks ass. It’s funny to see these other shuuu heads lost and not what to make of Mr. Paul hahahah. Go getem Paul.

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