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  1. ZAPPA???????????


  2. thought everyone should know some of his thoughts and history…he was quite interesting…..too bad they killed him

    ps. not a jew.

    somewhere is an interfiew where he talks about the government developing aids to kill africans…..

    saw him at the filmore east new years eve 1981

    this is from wikipedia…..

    In a 1991 interview, Zappa reported that he was a registered Democrat but added “that might not last long—I’m going to shred that”.[104] Describing his political views, Zappa categorized himself as a “practical conservative”.[nb 13] He favored limited government and low taxes; he also stated that he approved of national defense, social security, and other federal programs, but only if recipients of such programs are willing and able to pay for them.[1]:315–16, 323–24; 329–30 He favored capitalism, entrepreneurship, and independent business, stating that musicians could make more from owning their own businesses than from collecting royalties.[105] He opposed communism, stating, “A system that doesn’t allow ownership … has—to put it mildly—a fatal design flaw.”[1]:315–16, 323–24; 329–30 He had always encouraged his fans to register to vote on album covers, and throughout 1988 he had registration booths at his concerts.[11]:348 He even considered running for president of the United States as an independent.[11]:365[106]

    Zappa was often characterized as an atheist.[107][108][109] He recalled his parents being “pretty religious” and trying to make him go to Catholic school despite his resentment. He felt disgust towards organized religion (Christianity in particular) because he believed that it promoted ignorance and anti-intellectualism.[110] On Dweezil’s birth certificate, Frank wrote “musician” for “father’s religion”.[111] Some of his songs, concert performances, interviews and public debates in the 1980s criticized and derided Republicans and their policies, President Ronald Reagan, the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), televangelism, and the Christian Right, and warned that the United States government was in danger of becoming a “fascist theocracy”.[112][113]

    In early 1990, Zappa visited Czechoslovakia at the request of President Václav Havel. Havel designated him as Czechoslovakia’s “Special Ambassador to the West on Trade, Culture and Tourism”.[114] Havel was a lifelong fan of Zappa, who had great influence in the avant-garde and underground scene in Central Europe in the 1970s and 1980s (a Czech rock group that was imprisoned in 1976 took its name from Zappa’s 1968 song “Plastic People”).[115] Under pressure from Secretary of State James Baker, Zappa’s posting was withdrawn.[116] Havel made Zappa an unofficial cultural attaché instead.[11]:357-361 Zappa planned to develop an international consulting enterprise to facilitate trade between the former Eastern Bloc and Western businesses.[76]

  3. oh yeah,
    favorite quote….

    ” a message to all the beautiful people out there……

    there’s more of us ugly mother fu@#T#$#r’s than you are……”

    1. frank zappa..one of the few smarter beings of the 20th century… sooner or later him and the captain will be given their just rewards by the people who woke up from their sleep..1981..a good year. November the ritz wlir broadcast..taped it ..the whole thing..got it now on my computer.want to know how? its over 2 hours long boyo..

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