Fraud Gabby Giffords Gimp Act Exposed

Published on May 4, 2017 by jeranism

A video to close the door on the fraudulent hoax that is Gabby Giffords. The actual event remains a mystery as none of it makes sense. There is so much wrong with the official story that someone could seriously make a channel just about her and her lying astroNOT or ACTORnaut husband Mark Kelly. Gabrielle Giffords pretends to be mentally challenged and it is all an act. An act of treason! By the way her last name is Hornstein, not Giffords.

2 thoughts on “Fraud Gabby Giffords Gimp Act Exposed

  1. Saw this person, back in Az, when Mr Krenz was killed, She was so pleased with the media attention she smiled during the entire evening. I marked her as a what she has proven to be. I was with Retired Warrent Officer Ron Stone, promoted by Battle Comission in Viet Nam. RIP

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