Free Speech for People HJ 88 (the Free Speech bill) will be debated in Congress

Free Speech for People, introduced by Rep. Jim McGovern (R-MA), was advertised as a Constitutional Amendment designed to get money out of politics and return the election process to the people.  However yesterday, the true intent of the legislation was revealed and that is to say corporations would be stopped from buying our elections, but labor unions and non-profit organizations would not.

This legislation is socialism in the absolute.  Labor unions are corporations as are all 501 c (3) entities.  The argument against corporate purchase of our elections was that corporations are working collectively to nullify our individual will.  Labor Unions are collectives and are repugnant to individual determination.

The welfare system, the transportation system, the energy system, and literally every other facet of our corrupt government are being run by 501 c (3) corporations, who are stealing ninety-five cents of every dollar they receive from the unconstitutional grant system.

What this proposed legislation does is give the collective socialist organizations the very power they say we need to take from the corporations to stop the influence of money.

Dylan Rattigan has been the socialist front man for this socialist movement.  He is a traitor to our Republic and Constitution by definition.  And if you are reading this Dylan, your name just went to the top of the list and you will be on the first deportation barges headed for Somalia, you filthy traitor.

We the patriot American people of the American race are not going to allow your commie legislation to nullify our Bill of Rights.  We are individuals and as individuals we will defeat every attempt at socialism.  And I think at this point when the time comes to clean house, we are not just going to allow you socialists to leave, as we are going to make examples of you to insure it will be a long time before your commie arses ever consider trying to usurp our Constitution again.

You people out there reading this, to speak of collectivism in trying to nullify our individual rights, you are talking treason and by God you will be held accountable.

As for the majority out there who just want these socialist pustules to go away, when you hear these scum bags talking their treason, confront them and shut them down.  Let them know that you know they are criminals and that you intend to see them prosecuted for their crimes.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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