From James Roguski: Amendments to International Health Regulations have been adopted, ‘We the People have suffered a stunning defeat’


The Amendments to the IHR have been adopted

The 77th World Health Assembly HAS adopted a substantial package of amendments to the International Health Regulations.

James Roguski, the foremost expert on the WHO negotiations of these amendments, stated, “We the People have suffered a stunning defeat. The battle continues.”

Roguski further states:

“Unfortunately, this is an enormous loss for ‘We the People’ and a substantial victory for the evil forces that support the system of pharmakia.

“The recently adopted amendments will facilitate an enormous global build up of the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex which seeks to trigger ongoing ‘pandemic emergencies’ that will be made even worse by ‘relevant health products.’”

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who has also closely followed the negotiating process at the WHO World Health Assembly, had this to say in an email alert this morning:

The (amended) rules were adopted the last day of the meeting (yesterday, June 1), in Geneva, Switzerland. 

A meeting is scheduled for July 2024 to pass the global pandemic treaty.
The organization violated their internal rules, and created this monster behind closed doors.

Zero transparency.

The bottom line is the WHO changes from a global advisory only body to an international enforcer of its mandates. 

They’ve given themselves power over a global digital ID and the power to mandate vaccines and enforce those mandates, specifically with regard to international travel. 

The global surveillance state starts now. 

Nations have 10 months to object-but that’s if the rules are followed.

We’re in the global state. It’s here. 

I agree with Michele Bachmann. This is a historic achievement for the globalists and it appears nothing can stop them now on the route to global government.

But we cannot ever allow ourselves to submit to them and their Luciferian control grid. They may claim authority over our lives, our speech, our actions, even our thoughts, but to the extent that we are able we as believers will never bow to this authority because it is illegitimate and demonic.

What do I mean by “to the extent that we are able?” Well, if all the nations of the world join together to make it impossible to travel internationally without showing a digital ID of some type, then we must make the decision to refrain from international travel. Of course, their ultimate goal is to also restrict domestic travel in accordance with their wicked climate agenda, but that will be more difficult to enforce, at least in a large country like America.

Take heart and be of good cheer. The sun will come up tomorrow. God is in control. Things are about to get more difficult for us but we will carry on with his grace and loving hand guiding us in all wisdom and discernment. The worst thing right now is to bury your head in the sand and live in denial. The beast system is ramping up and taking new ground, so if you deny it you will not have the will to resist and will fall prey to that beast. God will be separating the sheep from the goats. Sheep follow Him. Goats will always go with the flow of the world system.

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