From the Trenches Drawing for Jaguar Crossbow and Compact Entrenching Tools

Last day to get in on the drawing!

#1 NWO Hatr and Mark Schumacher are sponsoring a drawing for From the Trenches World Report.

First prize provided by #1 is a Jaguar 175-lb. Crossbow. The crossbow is slightly used, in like new condition and comes with 9 bolts.  

Second and third prizes are compact entrenching tools provided by Mark Schumacher, which measures 6″ when unassembled and 17″ when extended using the shovel.


The drawing will be held today on September 16, 2015 in the final segment of The Word From the Trenches.

Good luck to everyone and thank you for stepping up to help.

All donations received since our last drawing will be included, one dollar per entry.

10 thoughts on “From the Trenches Drawing for Jaguar Crossbow and Compact Entrenching Tools

  1. Oh man, the crossbow is so damn tempting. Dude, even my wife wants to learn how to use one of these. lol

    #1, you got me hooked. I’m in.

  2. Here’s the deal, guys. I brought it with me still in the box from CA. I already had another one, but had left it strung for a couple of years, and was afraid I might have ruined it, so I bought another one about a year ago, just in case ( I happen to like crossbows, but one is enough). I took it out about 3 months ago, and Ryan & I went out to practice on a target. Well, after maybe 2 dozen shots or so, I quit, after losing my second bolt in the mud, and that’s the only time it’s been used, so it’s virtually brand new.

    Unfortunately, I threw the box it came in away, but I will bubble wrap everything well, before I re-box & ship it.

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