5 thoughts on “FSA rebel destroys T-72 Tank … with a grenade

  1. There’s an important lesson in this video: It has long been known that tanks must work together with infantry — the infantry protect the tank and the tank protects the infantry. A tank alone is a sitting duck with extremely poor visibility, unless someone sticks their head out the hatch, and then they are extremely vulnerable to snipers. The history of tanks in war is littered with examples of them being sent, or just blundering, where they should not have been.

    1. Hand grenades are hard to come by for us mundanes, but Molotov cocktails have proven themselves against armored vehicles numerous times. The guy in this video could have done almost as well with a wine bottle (okay, olive oil bottle, wine is hard to come by in Muslim countries.) a wick, and some gasoline. Remember that thickened gasoline works better, doesn’t just run off. “Napalm” is short for naptha-palm oil, with a little liquid detergent for a thickening agent.

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