Fun in New England


We have our own version of “Where’s Waldo”

HA! Find the Expedition!

IMG_0797Justus thinks this weather just sucks. LOL

It’s winter, but spring will be here soon.


P.S. Pray we don’t have cave in’s within the next few days. Tomorrow will be in the 40’s with rain. Continuing through the weekend in the 50’s



12 thoughts on “Fun in New England

  1. I live just south of Boston.

    There’s lots of snow on the roofs. It’s going to rain hard today and more on Friday.

    A few years ago this happened and there were many, many roofs that collapsed (without being hit by a jumbo jet….ha ha)

    Hope this isn’t going to happen again….

  2. Deb,we live in new england,what do you expect?!We have gotten more snow then average by a long shot but then,you don’t like new england weather,just wait 10 minutes,it will change!With rain and the 40’s next few days should at least give us all a chance to clear things out a bit and get at those pesky ice spots.Justus is a good looking pooch,give me 10 minutes with him in the snow,he will love it.I of course as a hunter am dumb enuff to practice low crawls in the snow,bet that would confuse Justus a bit!

    1. Hey James! Yes you are right, our old New England saying is so true. The weather has been all over the place today. Snow, sleet, rain. Right now all is quiet. Except for the sound of my son shoveling 2 feet of snow off my flattest part of the roof. It will be warm for the rest of the week. My biggest worry was a cave in over my room. Also the possibility of flooding in the basement with the snow melting and nowhere for it to go. All is well though. 🙂

      Justus is getting up there in years, and doesn’t enjoy the snow the way he use to. He’s a lovey though. I have 5 G.S.’s. The only ones who appreciate the snow and all it’s fun are the females. haha!

      Have a great night!

  3. Truthurts … wish we could get some of that rain out here in sunny CA. Alot of us across the country are going to be very hungry after this year’s non-existent growing season.
    . . .

  4. Hey deb, beautiful German Shepherd!! Justus and my Sasha could be related. Our German Shepherd is darker, like Justus!! I am so sorry, here in the South, it has been a yucky weather by southern standards, but nothing like that!! I am so grateful I am from the south!! I have lived in Germany and northern Kentucky, too cold for me!! Stay warm dear!!

    1. Hey Missy! Thank you for the compliment on my boy. Mom and Dad produced some beautiful off spring, and I have two gorgeous males and another female that look a lot like him. Everyone thinks they look like wolves. LOL Every time they hear a fire engine or police siren, they do howl like wolves. haha 🙂

      This winter, for the most part, is a typical New England weather. We just got a tad bit more snow than usual. I was born and raised here, and I hate the winters. My favorite part about this time of year is having something delicious simmering on the stove, and feeding the fire. Snug as a bug!

      Bulldog said that you are in the 80’s today, lucky you! Hope your humidity is low. We will be there soon enough. And probably complaining about it! haha 🙂

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