Vaccination by Force: Oregon Law Makes it Hard for Parents to Refuse Vaccines

vaccinechild1 263x164 Vaccination by Force: Oregon Law Makes it Hard for Parents to Refuse VaccinesNatural Society – by Christina Sarich

Due to a new law passed by Oregon legislators, parents will have increasing difficulty getting an immunization exemption for their children. Starting next Monday, parents won’t be able to refuse immunizations for diseases like whopping cough, polio, diptheria, and hepatitis as easily as they did in years prior, and pediatricians are even supporting this malarchy of removing parent’s rights concerning their children.  

A Portland pediatrician named Jay Rosenbloom has said, “it’s too easy for parents to get an exemption. . .all they had to do was turn the form over and there was a box on the back and if they just signed that they could then exempt their child from standard vaccines.”

Oregon used to be one of the easiest states to get an exemption, but this is now being turned on its head. Due to physicians like Rosenbloom and the Oregon Pediatric Society, which presented the legislation that helped change the law, parents now have only one of two options:

1. They are required to meet with a pediatrician to discuss the risks and benefits of immunizations. This is forced ‘education’ so that more propaganda can be shoved down parents’ throats. Most parents who refuse to immunize their children have already researched until they are blue in the face. They certainly don’t trust the reports coming from the CDC and FDA.

Even recalled drugs were once considered ‘safe’ by the FDA, and even the makers of the Gardasil vaccines are admitting they are highly dangerous. If parents bow to this legislative and AMA bullying, then we aren’t far from having our children forced into vaccinations at gunpoint, as 131 African children recently were.

2. The second option is to watch an online interactive educational module, says Stacy de Assis Matthews with the Oregon Immunization Program. At the end of it they can print a form and turn it into their children’s school for an exemption. This sounds much like how many of our rights are taken away.

First they do it in ways that make it less convenient for citizens to take advantage of their rights, and then they make it illegal to citizens to exercise their rights. These parents aren’t breaking any laws – yet. But the government will be sure of that soon if lawmakers are allowed to continue in this way unchecked. (You can contact Oregon officials here.)

Supporters of immunizations say that they are ‘one of the most important ways to protect our children,’ but the independent research questioning the true safety of immunization schedules is lengthy. One Japanese study points this out very emphatically. It is also the adjuvants like aluminum in vaccines that are worrisome. There is absolutely no reason to force these toxic substances on parents and their children.

A few of years ago, Washington passed a similar law that requires parents who are claiming a non-medical exemption to get education from a practitioner, and they saw their exemption rate decrease by about 25% a year or two after that law was passed. This makes forced vaccinations one step closer to reality. Is that what we really want, America?

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2 thoughts on “Vaccination by Force: Oregon Law Makes it Hard for Parents to Refuse Vaccines

  1. “it’s too easy for parents to get an exemption.”

    This is the parents decision, you stinking tyrant, and you shouldn’t be doing ANYTHING to make it more difficult.

    Parents have to avoid having their children vaccinated at all costs. Pull ’em out of school, break all the laws they can write, or whack the doctor across the head with a golf club if need be, but please don’t kill your own kid by allowing these freaks to shoot known poisons into their bloodstream.

  2. Begs the question, do the kikes Vaccinate thier kids? is there a special ‘kosher’ vaccine for them? or is this just for the goy kids.

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