Fury as councils are ordered to BAN ‘offensive’ traditional terms and replace them with woke phrases like ‘birthing partner’

Daily Mail

A new language guide from the Local Government Association instructs councils not to call parents ‘mother’ or ‘father’ but ‘birthing parent’.

Other banned terms include ‘expat’, ‘second generation’, ‘economic migrant’, ‘homeless’ and ‘lifestyle choice’.

The document was sent to local authorities in an email from Mark Lloyd OBE, chief executive of the Local Government Association, The Sun reports.

The Inclusive Language Guide runs 18 pages long and bans the use of the terms ‘disabled’ or ‘able-bodied’ staff.

The guide endeavours to instruct council chiefs on the role of language in ’embedding equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion’.

It stated that employee’s personal background should only be referred to ‘when it is relevant, necessary or led by the person’.

‘Experiences of trauma, racial trauma and ­exclusion are already experienced at ­disproportionately higher rates by LGBTQ+, black and neurodivergent people in the workplace’, it added.

The guide also suggests substituting ‘welcome ladies and gentleman’ with ‘welcome everyone’ in public talks.

It stated: ‘People who are not “ladies” or “gentleman” may recognise the difference, feel included and that they belong.’

A senior council source described the document as ‘woke’ and patronising’.

They said: ‘Local government workers are in it to make people’s lives better, and treat everyone with dignity and respect.’

The Local Government Association told The Sun: ‘Councils are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

‘This guide is designed to help councils ensure everyone is supported and respected when they look to their local public services for help.’


6 thoughts on “Fury as councils are ordered to BAN ‘offensive’ traditional terms and replace them with woke phrases like ‘birthing partner’

  1. So now they don’t want us saying “second generation” any more?!! Is this so we have to believe that anyone who’s here has been here all along?


  2. And not just councils…. As an author wanting to defend the English language, the phrases (woke or not) folks are coming up with to replace more traditional words that have been around for centuries pisses me off. Some examples– on websites and videos I see or hear the term “Merch” all the time…replaces “Merchandise”… And then there’s “Ebonics” crapola like “Imma” and “ho” and “who dat” and “who dey” and the rest of the bastardisations of the English language (and, IMHO, “Ebonics” degrades black people). Using them in dialog is one thing, but they get used in all contexts these days. Sorry, but these things cause me to rant. This isn’t “evolution” of the English language, but destruction of it!

  3. this “unalived” shit is so dam stupid too

    dead..murdered .. croaked , jeeze people do we really need another soft term for the word dead?

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