8 thoughts on “Gallup, NM – 59 Degrees 9:30am – Heavy Winds

    1. Nope my friend, it was an ugly 90 friggen degrees, 40 to 50 mph. It was the IDIOTS passing me, out of control, that chapped my ass.

      Everybody has to haul ass , I dont get it. I guess the older I get the more I dont get it. LMAO..

        1. It is at 14 degrees this morning, it is coming and every indication is it is going to be a freezing ass winter.
          This is the torture we endure to have all our cool spots overran and taken over by the rich Californians and their Winnebagos when summer finally gets here. Come on Californians, come sit out a winter with us, you sleazy parasites.
          I feel for you, Mary. Used to be I could hope for the summer but they found a way to make the summers as miserable as the winters.
          We either correct this situation or leave our children living in hell, be it the hot one or the cold one.

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