Gang member kills South Carolina cop, calls mother, commits suicide


A self-described gang member killed a South Carolina police officer on Friday, then called his own mother before turning the gun on himself, police said.

The suspect committed suicide moments after firing on officers who were trying to serve him with an arrest warrant at a house in Greenville, South Carolina, Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller told reporters.  

The department identified the slain officer as Allen Lee Jacobs, 28, an Army veteran who served in Iraq before joining the force in 2011.

“We lose, we hurt, we ache,” Miller said. “In an instant, lives can change forever.”

Jacobs, whose job was to investigate gang activity, was among several serving the warrant targeting a man police said was a known and self-described gang member, Miller said.

The man ran down the street and the officers chased him until the man opened fire, hitting Jacobs several times, Miller said.

The suspect then ran a short distance, called his mother, and shot himself to death, Miller said. He had no further details on the man’s phone conversation.

Jacobs, a father of two boys, was expecting a baby girl with his wife in July. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital, the department said.

(Reporting by Karen Brooks in Fort Worth, Texas and Brendan O’Brien in Milwaukee; Editing by James Dalgleish and Michael Perry)

13 thoughts on “Gang member kills South Carolina cop, calls mother, commits suicide

  1. Funny/ironic/sad how the leos/fascist cops only mourn when its one of
    their own who is killed…….. but never any remorse or sadness when they
    cold-blooded commit murders on innocent Americans every day.

    In tx. they even had a memorial service for a fricking old dog who died
    of old-age. honors funeral and all……. truly dispicable. yet they kill our
    own pets with aplomb and matter of factly/without conscience.

    I have no sympathy for these volunteers of death, employed in standing
    armies illegally inside our country.

    Its too bad the shooter could not have taken more down before taking his

    1. Pig mentality is a sickness. Let’s see, just browse through the DSM-4R. It’s in the psychopath section, you know, lack of remorse, don’t “give a $hit” attitude, impulsive, excessively masturbating monkeys, “jack-o-matics”, no sense of anyone’s feelings other than the G-spot of their own genitalia. Trigger-happy, knee-jerkin’, premature-ejaculating sixth graders, just discovered their first bar of soap, and they’re roaming the streets in a neighborhood near you, harassing your kids or grandchildren with bull$hit pullovers. Yep, they sit there, “keepin’ everyone safe” when school let’s out, then they shift into “predator” mode. I’m just tired of the BS. I’ll carry a torch or pitchfork, I like walk’s in the woods.

    2. Controlled opposition,

      No video, no proof, no eye witnesses, blah, blah blah

      For all we know, the cop blew the kid away, stole his cash and dope and planted a piece.

  2. Another fascist pig bites the dust. Obviously the guy they were chasing wasn’t going to surrender to them and get shot anyway or receive a vicious beating, followed by a long stay in one of America’s barbaric prisons. Instead he chose to die in the satisfaction of taking one of his enemies with him.

    Whatever else one might say about the,dead gang member, we can say that he died a FREE man.

  3. “We lose, we hurt, we ache,” Miller said. “In an instant, lives can change forever.”

    You mean like the families & friends of those people you pigs MURDER on a daily basis, SCUMBAG???

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

    NO sympathy, b#tch! You reap what you sow.

  4. What I fail to fathom is the mentality that simply CONCEDES defeat. He was already one up on the bast@rds and had nothing else to lose. If you’re not planning on coming out alive anyway, why make it easy on the pigs? And if you’re afraid of going back to jail/prison, shoot as many of the scum as you can, but make sure you keep at least one round to check out with.

    1. Still though, applause is warranted. They’ve “crossed the line” way too many times already, they come knockin’ here, I’ll invite ’em in for a lead sandwich. Besides, if you let a pig in your house, the stench will be forever embedded.

      1. Not complainin’, mind you. A one for one trade-off is definitely in our favor.

        I just don’t understand the suicide. He HAD to have hated the pigs with a passion, being a gang member. What better opportunity to get even?

        1. I hear ya #1, if your cashin’ in your chips anyway, rig a building with flammables and throw some slop in the trough, lure ’em in like ants on candy, then “poof”, gone!

          Society would be totally indebted to the suicidal thinking person. He just took one out, but how many lives would that pig have ruined? Think about that, exponentially.

          Damn, where are those 72 virgins? Sorry, what a crock of doo-doo. What true spirit derived belief system would accept such nonsense? Not that my last comment had anything to do with the subject.

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