Gangs Will Rule The Cities

Gangs WILL Rule The CitiesMilitia News – by Ken Jorgustin

After ‘The Shit Hits The Fan’ (TSHTF), gangs will be the number one problem in cities of any size. The gangs will take over a city very quickly starting with their own blocks and neighborhoods. Their numbers will grow very rapidly as those desperate for water and food will become their “new recruits” and will join for their own survival.

The gangs will be a formidable force for a number of logical reasons, and will be the downfall of many preppers and others who happen to be in their way…  

Gangs already rule the dark ‘underground’ of today’s cities. When TSHTF they will be unleashed and unbounded, enabled by the chaos that will become the new reality.

During this time, most law enforcement officers will be more concerned about the safety and well-being of their own families in their homes, and will choose to stay and defend their property instead of leaving it all behind to “go to work”. The police TODAY have enough of a difficult time doing anything about the gangs, and they sure wont be able to do much of anything to prevent their overrun after TSHTF.

People living in cities, or even immediate suburbs, will be subjected to a very cruel and unusual environment. They will be HIGHLY at risk from foraging gangs.

Think about this… It is one thing to protect yourself and your family from an intruder who wishes you harm. But how will you protect yourself and your family from a gang mob?

The thing is, even in good times (today?) the gangs are armed with weapons, have honed their criminal skills, and are not afraid to use them. Can you imagine this after TSHTF?

Gangs WILL rule the cities.

Most of us living our middle-class lives today, do not see the underworld, the gang activity, the drugs and dealings… They cleverly hide it and it lives largely in the shadows of our streets. If you know what to look for, you can find it and see it, but most do not as they are too busy texting, tweeting, or talking on cell phones as they blindly travel the streets.

It will be a shock.

Too many preppers in suburbia believe that they can make it on their own after TSHTF. This will NOT be the case in my opinion. Confronting a roving gang will be suicide for most.

It’s all about the numbers.

10, 20, 50 (or more) of them and 5 (or less) of you? Who’s going to win?

It will take clever planning, and there are many ways to deal with this threat. If you do not have overwhelming numbers or overwhelming defensive measures and/or protection, you will be wise to choose a plan that avoids direct confrontation altogether.

Here’s one… Move out of the city TODAY. Move out of densely populated suburbia TODAY.

Listen… We all ‘hope’ that the shit will never hit the fan. We ‘hope’ that the-powers-that-be will hold it all together. We ‘hope’ that because things have always been fairly peaceful in our lives, that they always will be. We ‘hope’ that all the things we’re discovering about the risks we’re facing are just overblown and exaggerated. We ‘hope’ that the mainstream is right and everything’s mostly okay out there.

The things is, we’re living in a bubble. A cocoon. We have a very false sense of security that has only existed for a VERY small slice of time on the timescale of human civilization. We are living in a fantasy world of sorts. Our sense of security could be blown out of the water in an instant. Be aware of where you live and whether or not you will be in immediate danger of gangs who will TAKE your food and supplies (and worse) as they feed their needs to survive after TSHTF.

We’ll cover possible solutions later. But first we must accept that if the shit hits the fan, that gangs will become your worst nightmare. And these may not be the stereotypical gangs that you see in your mind… they will be hoards of desperate people of all races willing to do anything to survive. It is human instinct.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Written by Ken Jorgustin.

18 thoughts on “Gangs Will Rule The Cities

  1. This is the reason i plan to leave the city,not the cops , military or even the UN troops. This will be the worst problem you will have to face. Believe me they are ready for this. So am i. It depends on what goes down but in most cases the best plan is to bug out and wait it out. Let them kill themselves off. They will,it’s in their nature.

    1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
      Let the gangs kill each other and tie up th UN and DHS for a while. They will be busy trying to control the gangs. That will take away from their effort to go after the Patriots.

      1. The UN et al will use the same logic: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
        They will hire the gangs. (Syria)
        Don’t you think?

        1. They will do that as well I believe. Just finished A.American’s two books, Going Home and Surviving home. He goes into that issue a little in them. The gangs cant be trusted, so I am hoping it will work in our favor. Either way, we have one hell of a fight ahead in the near future. Most of the gangs would love to take a run at folks like us. Hopefully their aim will be like most Iraqis.

        2. I was thinking that exact same thing GeorgeW. The elite will just buy off the gangs like they have been doing for years. The gangs won’t go after the elite as long as they have something to gain. That’s how they roll. Trusting and making friends in the aftermath will be practically impossible unless there is something in it for them. Chivalry and good Samaritan ideals will be far gone. It makes me sad and depressed just thinking about it.

  2. My Fellow Patriots,

    Sam Adams, Redhorse & Bulldog all make pefectly good comments/suggestions.

    Allow me to extrapolate it one step further:

    Consider the “threat of gangs”,.. as a resource.

    In Sun Tzu fashion (I am a Sun Tzu Strategist),.. you must ALWAYS seek to use the conditions of the cirmcumstances to your advantage,.. it some times requires viewing the dynamics from a perspective that most would not have considered as valid before.

    While is it is dangerous to have the destructive force of gangs in proximity to yourself or family,… if this occurs,.. clearly you got caught “behind the wire”,.. and are in survival mode (for the most part)

    This will require an alignment between you and anyone that you feel can contribute to a mutual defense posture, and then,.. determine the best course of action,.. which could be a simple as working out a plan to get the hell out of Dodge and make for the hills.

    In the use of gangs,…. it is best see what their activities may be, and do they have any identifiable patterns of routine as they will be more like guerilla fighters that have zero disciplene or training.

    If there is a way to get them fighting with martial law forces,.. then use it.

    If the situation is so dangerous that confronting the gangs, or the martial law forces, or gettng them to confront each other is highly risky,… then it is clearly time to leave one way or another.

    Just a quick thought here where the bottom line is: ALWAYS try and use the circumstances or conditions to your benefit,.. it is a resource as long as it is not overwhelming you at that time, and since you cannot effectively change those conditions, that only leaves one of two options – Use them to your advantage,.. or perish by them.

    JD – US Marines – The near future will try mens souls,.. best get your mind right,

    1. There you go JD……good thinking and writing….
      If a gang can be used with the energy they have displaying and those efforts turned against the invaders…do it……..
      All for survival….
      Stop thinking when in deep trouble and it is then…….blam
      one’s time has come
      rbeason…….nam 1969
      And I say, Never give up and Never quite….most people already know this, it is true….no harm in reminding, however….

  3. I just want to add this, I highly recomend the advice of a survivor of hell in the Balkans.
    What I share below is from his discussions about this issue. These notes are from the subscription lectures linked below.

    People used the power vacuum to settle old scores.
    It was everyone against everyone.
    Some gangs enjoyed their time.
    Some women joined gangs as servants to survive.
    – See more at:

    Gangs formed from all sorts of groups.
    People who knew each other just teamed up to be stronger.
    Small criminal mobs banded together and started more serious gangs. People lived out their dreams and went on power rushes.
    Gold wasnt worth much.
    Many good people just went to gangs because they were weak alone. Lone wolves rarely survived.
    Some people lost their mind and some committed suicides.
    It was not uncommon for older people to simply give up and lock themselves in to die.
    Kids coped better with the situation.
    – See more at:

  4. If you live in a big city there are three rules you should follow when the SHTF:

    Rule #1 Get the hell out

    Rule #2 Get the hell out

    Rule #3 Get the hell out

  5. Get the hell out is the best advice. For all those who did not prepare, who ignored the warnings and signs, who voted in this Marxist Administration, who were anti-gun, anti-God, pro-abortion, pro-feminist, pro-pornography, pro-homosexual, for the women who are liberated, for the mothers and wives who lord over their husbands and dress their daughters like little girls of the street, etc, not much sympathy for these.

    On the other hand here is an example of being outnumbered and winning.

    In 1215: 100,000 heretical Albegensians, on horse, battle hardened and experienced were attacking villages and towns throughout France and killing all the Catholics they could find. A small Catholic force gathered consisting of 200 horse and 800 infantry most not well trained and most never having seen battle. In those days infantry were near useless most of the time and were run over by the mounted knights.

    1000 ill trained Catholics vs 100,000 battle hardened Albegensians, 100:1 The Catholics knelt down prayed the rosary and attacked. The Albegensians were annihilated, the Catholics suffered 2 dead/KIA and 8 wounded/WIA – amazing, and there are stories after stories of such battles. The Cathoic Knights who occupied the Holy Land during the Crusade’s would ride out 40 or 50 against 1000 or more Huns/Muslims – near every time killing up to hundreds with just a force of a few good Catholic Knights and losing maybe one or two per battle.

    All the above is fact and historical, so don’t feel outnumbered if you have God on your side – If you voted Democratic, which party openly and officially supports, feminism, homosexuality, abortion, contraception, pornography you are an accessory to sin, if you practiced, abetted, or supported these moral evils you are also an accessory and active participant, if you are an Atheist, Muslim, Jew, Pagan, Agnostic, Marxist, etc, you fall into the same category – you are all going to be – in the end – abandoned by the God you ignore or deny – you will be dead meat.

    1. Keep in mind the ‘knights’ of old were usually sponsored, finacially backed by the wealthy. They were usually trained from a very young age to become knights. Think of them as the Seals of their time.

      An handful of elite fighters or even one can take out numbers far superior to themselves.

      Look to contemporary scenarios where Spetzna or Seals would hold out or defeat people from cultures of war; defacto hardened warriors.

      The Cathars were quite interesting; the Albigensian Crusade as well.

      If God, in the traditional sense, were to have taken sides between the Cathars & the Roman Catholic Church I am not so sure the notoriously corrupt Church would be the side chosen. Not much different than today where the American gov is tyrannical & largely evil yet most American’s are quite different.

      Keep in mind, the crusades were largely about taking land and booty for the church; everything else placed second.

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