Germany to make Turkish migrant Vice President of Intelligence Service

Voice of Europe – by Stan M

Sinan Selen, a lawyer born in Istanbul, is to become the next Vice President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

He will be the first top official with a migrant background in the German intelligence services. It is not completely clear yet when Selen will assume his new position. 

Maassen, the former President of that office, was just forced into retirement in a controversial decision after criticising Merkel and the alleged radical left-wing element within her coalition partner, the SPD.

Selen previously worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2006 and was in charge of an investigation into two radical Lebanese Islamist, who planned a terror attack on a train.

The only reason for the failure of the terror plot was a technical problem with the explosives. He dedicated himself to working with and advising family members of radicalised Muslims.

After the failed terror plot he became head of the division in the Interior Ministry four International counter-terrorism.

In the spring of 2016 he was made the contact person for Turkey on questions regarding terrorism. In 2016 he started working as the head of security for the travel group TUI.

It is another shakeup of an office in charge of national security and should not be disregarded as such. However the German government believes him to be uniquely qualified to fill the position due to his extensive CV in security and counter-terrorism.

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