GOP Candidate Carly Fiorina Born Cara Carleton Sneed Unmasked as Top Spook

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Carly Fiorina, whose birth name is Cara Carleton Sneed, claims that she started as a secretary and heroically rose to become a CEO of Hewlett Packard. Republican candidates seeking to dupe their gullible supporters and mask their dubious personal backgrounds often tout this typical Horatio Alger rags-to-riches story. Carly Fiorina is no exception to this pattern however her personality is saturated with this lie and many others as well as exhibiting signs of insanity that only comes from being attached at the hip to the intelligence establishment.

Fiorina’s father was Joseph Tyree Sneed, III who would become the dean of Duke University School of Law, a Deputy Attorney General, and a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Readers are reminded that the only judicial level higher than the circuit appellate court is the Supreme Court; this would make Carly’s father an incredibly influential and well-connected individual. Carly went to the posh all-girls Channing School in London and then to Stanford University. It is likely that Carly’s story of starting as a humble secretary came as a result of her father pressuring her to taking up a job with Kelly Girls, which she did during the summer as a student at Stanford. After dropping out of law school at UCLA and she moved on to business school and then to her well publicized career as an asset stripper and wrecker of companies like Lucent and Hewlett-Packard.

It was allegedly only after the board of directors at Hewlett-Packard fired her that Carly came into the orbit of the intelligence community, but some are skeptical. She had previously provided services for the Pentagon through an unpaid position on the Defense Business Board. But her breakthrough came when she was picked by the infamous war criminal Michael Hayden to lead the CIA’s External Advisory Board. The National Review reported:

“Hayden called up the CEO of Hewlett Packard, Carly Fiorina. ‘HP made precisely the equipment we needed, and we needed in bulk,’ says Robert Deitz, who was general counsel at the NSA from 1998 to 2006. Deitz recalls that a tractor-trailer full of HP servers and other equipment was on the Washington, D.C. Beltway, en route to retailers, at the very moment Hayden called. Fiorina instructed her team to postpone the retailer delivery and have the driver stop. An NSA police car met up with the tractor-trailer and the truck proceeded, with an armed escort, to NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. It was an early moment in the close professional relationship between Hayden and Fiorina. Five years later, President George W. Bush named Hayden director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Upon assuming control at Langley, Hayden decided that he wanted to create an ‘External Advisory Board.’ He once again turned to Fiorina, and she went on to chair that board.”[1]

The National Review article goes on to detail how Carly was a consistent presence in at Langley and worked on “assembling recommendations for national-security policy and developing a close working relationship with some of the most powerful officials in the administration.”

Robert Deitz, the source for much of the Review’s commentary on Fiorina, is now a loyal supporter of her campaign. He also told theReview that Fiorina had “more or less” the highest level of security clearance. Fiorina sat on a panel during her tenure at the CIA that was faced with the question of whether foreign intelligence had a future in the country; her panel’s answer is classified but Dietz reported that it was “unclear” whether the intelligence community would require major adjustments to continue its foreign intelligence operations.

As President, Carly would make the Nixon and Bush 43 administrations look like the ACLU. Her sponsor, Michael Hayden, was the head of the NSA and then the CIA, and was for a time the highest ranking US military officer. He is a totalitarian bureaucrat, once telling reporters that probable cause for search warrants was not a part of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizures. He was up to his neck in NSA wiretaps and snooping, including the abortive Project Trailblazer, which was widely criticized and shut down. Fiorina would shred what is left of civil liberties.

Michael Hayden, pictured on the right

Carly would not only scrap civil liberties in the United States, but she would also lead the country into full-scale confrontation with major powers like Russia. Much like her arch-enemy Hillary Clinton, Carly insists that she must be the biggest warmonger to appear strong and stated she would institute massive buildups in the military in order to deter foreign powers such as Russian President Putin. During her disastrous leadership at Hewlett-Packard, she met with Putin in a 45-minute private interview. Carly bragged about her meeting with Putin, “He told jokes and I took the measure of the man.” Carly’s militaristic bravado at the CNN debates was not only careless posturing, but presented the threat of nuclear confrontation to every American family.

According to her ex-husband, Carly is precisely the type to be deceitful, make risky decisions, and be manipulative or even malevolent. His testimony to the Daily Mail lends credence to the image of Carly as a calculating liar and psychological unbalanced figure:

“Todd Bartlem, who went on to become Fiorina’s first husband, accuses her of creating a misleading mythology and ‘losing her humanity’ for a ‘pathological’ pursuit of power. Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Online, he said: ‘It’s not like she was a secretary for 15 years and rose up. She dropped out of law school, she settled on business school. It was all very planned. ‘She’s a very calculating person and her risks paid off but whenever I read descriptions about her life there’d always be this bit that she rose from a secretary at a real estate company to the head of AT&T…According to Todd Bartlem, there is nothing surprising in Carly’s tendency to place herself at the front and center of every narrative. ‘She is pathologically narcissistic and all she cares about is her,’ he said. ‘Nothing holds together with her. ‘I got kind of suspicious of her towards the end of the marriage because she had no old friends. She had nobody that she knew in the past, and I thought, “God that’s kind of weird.”‘

During the GOP debate, Carly also retailed the heart-rending story of how she saw her daughter die from drug-related issues, in reality, the tragic case involved Carly’s step-daughter. Her present husband’s first wife was the biological mother, as she testified bitterly to the British reporter.

If any CEO received a resume with as many lies and distortions as Carly’s performance as a candidate, that applicant would be shown the way out. This is what must happen with Carly Fiorina.
[1] “The CEO and the CIA” National Review
[2] “EXCLUSIVE: White House hopeful Carly Fiorina’s claims of motherhood and ‘secretary to CEO’ rise to the top come under fire as ex-husband ridicules her as ‘calculating’ and tragic Daily Mail…

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