GOP Caucuses Convene in Nevada and Maine

The people of Nevada and Maine are stepping up to the plate, bending over, and preparing to be disenfranchised right up their backsides through the soviet style voter fraud.  Nevada has a 12.6% unemployment rate and Maine has a 7% rate.  I would have to think that the people in Nevada are well awake to the fact that not only is there no recovery, but we are in fact falling deeper into depression every day.

The mainstream propagandists have decided to continue to lie the unemployment rate down, even pointing out in their own reports that they have used a different denominator in making their calculations.

It is being said that 200,000 jobs a month are being created, but then it is also being said that it would take 250,000 jobs a month just to stabilize the jobs crisis and take care of those entering the work force for the first time.  The experts will not deny that net in the United States we are losing more jobs every day, and that net more people are unemployed every day, and that net the numbers of the long term unemployed continue to rise every day, but the unemployment rate is falling.

Why?  Well because Obama cannot be reelected in the face of the true numbers.  It is not that they think they are fooling anybody, it is just that when the fraud of the election is finally put down on paper and signed, that created false reality will not fly in the face of the printed and recorded history that will accompany it.

Donald Trump has endorsed Mitt Romney.  A gluttonous billionaire endorses a gluttonous hundred millionaire and this is supposed to perpetuate the notion that an international elitist can be elected in a country where 70% of the population is in rebellion against the elite?  Again, just a backdrop for the false reality.

The voter fraud in Nevada in 2010 that allowed Harry Reid to be reelected was never investigated.  It was indeed swept under the carpet.  But you can rest assured that the mafia mechanism that dispelled the will of the voters in Nevada in the 2010 Midterms is still in place and will be used to make the international elitist multi-millionaire, Mitt Romney, the winner of the Nevada Caucus.

As for the people in Maine, well you have a lot of old money there, hence a lot of old power, so the people of Maine will also be screwed, only by a higher class of criminal.

All we can do is keep voting for Ron Paul in the hopes that our overwhelming numbers, whether they are counted or not, will convince the elite that it might be better to stop the fraud and allow Ron Paul to make peaceful change, rather than the people having to make forceful change.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The problem here in Nevada is that the transplants from mainly California, are the majority being counted. They have the money so their vote counts. Your average everyday Nevadan, who’s house is in foreclosure, are getting bypassed in the electoral process. Why? Gerrymandering and districts that have the money only are being counted.

    Again, we see Americans getting the shaft, especially here in Nevada. The current voting process is a sham and illegal as hell. Ron Paul should have walked away with this state. Romney is an ass clown who only appeals to the money, nobody else. This whole thing here in Nevada is BS.

    The people who really matter in this damn state are too broke to even get out and vote, or too depressed, or working their asses off and too damn tired to get out. Many have just given up, can you blame them? Their vote would just be wiped out anyway. People think Romney is going to be the salvation for this country, turning things around? Laughable!

    1. Romney…. the salvation of America.

      Anybody who buys into that is brain dead. Trouble is how many of this category there actually are.

      We are just spectators. Might as well enjoy the show. Talk about “reality TV”! What’s this show called?

  2. It’s becoming pretty evident that the election is going to be Obama vs Romney. No matter who wins, the American people lose………….unless, this truly is the final straw that breaks the camel’s back and a true revolution takes place.

    1. Yeah…wow! There’s something really bright on the horizon….I feel just like a kid on Christmas eve. Whoopee! Sounds like a real party!

      1. “There’s something really bright on the horizon….”

        Yeah, that’s the flash from the nuclear missles launched after Israel and the USA attack Iran bringing Russia and China into the mix for World War 3!

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