Government Murders Edgar Steele – Can They Get Away With It?

Free Edgar Steele

On September 4, 2014, early afternoon, a California mortuary notified Mrs. Cyndi Steele that her husband Edgar was dead.  Since that time, specific circumstances regarding Mr. Steele’s death are being confirmed. This web site and the Edgar Steele Defense Fund (ESDF) will release more information as it becomes available.

Mrs. Steele contacted the ESDF Board, saying she was utterly devastated by this information, and is furious that no Victorville representative contacted her in the last few days regarding his failing health and did not even call her regarding the death of her husband. It was cruel to allow the mortuary to make the call.  

Based on the best knowledge at hand, the following are the most likely causes of death: overmedication, persistently delayed, insufficient or improper medical treatment, medical neglect.  The federal government and Victorville Penitentiary bear responsibility for the lives of the inmates who reside there and have refused to be accountable for the decline in Edgar Steele’s health.

Some hours before Mrs. Steele was contacted by the mortuary, ESDF President Robert Magnuson received an email corroborating Ms. Steele’s concern for her husband’s health and safety, validating the suspicion Mr. Steele’s health had been in a sharp decline for the past month.  This fact was obscured, if not hidden by the federal government.

First, Mr. Steele was the victim of a false prosecution, then he was imprisoned in the most dangerous prison here in America. Then his wife was never allowed to visit him despite a court order allowing visitation. Then, his health was compromised because of  neglect, and finally, the reports came in that he had been drugged out of his mind earlier this week, which was the final blow that killed him. Call it anything else you like, but it is murder.

The facts of this tragic situation will be disclosed as the information is gathered.

(Please be patient as we gather more details to present to you all…  Keep the Steele family in your thoughts and prayers.  -Admin)

3 thoughts on “Government Murders Edgar Steele – Can They Get Away With It?

  1. Of course they did. He was set-up from the start. When he tried to have
    evidence which pointed to his innocence introduced, it was denied by the judge. Steele uncovered a human trafficking scheme which stole thousands
    from older Americans which he was going to expose – think of the movie “Taken.”
    His guilt was already decided in the “star chamber.” The “star chamber”,
    filth and corruption and hypocrisy. If the jewish power structure can fire Rick Sanchez within hours of making jewish-critical comments, what do you THINK they’re going to do to a guy who defended the Aryan Nations??? (not to mention his wife). Think the NAACP is good for blacks, think again.
    NAACP ordered the burning down of black homes in a small town in Miss.
    because the blacks bought from white business which NAACP boycotted.
    When the NAACP was taken to court the judge ruled the burnings were
    “freedom of speech.”
    I still cannot fathom how the courts or whomever could prevent visitation to
    Steele. The poor man might as well have been in Gitmo. Despicable &

  2. Is the American flag to flown at half-mast? Surely so. If a cockroach
    can have the AMERICAN flag flown at half-mast, so too can a liberty,
    First Amendment fighter.

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