GRNC Alert 3-27-2015: Three Pro-Gun Bills in the NC Senate … and one that isn’t.

Grass Roots in North Carolina

Three Pro-Gun Bills in the NC Senate …

Three pro-gun senate bills have been introduced in the North Carolina Legislature. These are all important bills that will help preserve your right to keep and bear arms in North Carolina. They include:  

  • S394: The Preemption Affirmation Act will not only make it more difficult for municipal governments to restrict firearms, but it will impose financial penalties on municipal politicians that try to pass legislation that violates your rights.
  • S641: The Concealed Handgun Permit Standardization Act cleans up some of the messy language introduced by the NRA that allows sheriffs to capriciously and wantonly delay concealed handgun applications.
  • S394: The NC Firearms Freedom Act asserts the right of the State of North Carolina to regulate the commerce of firearms manufactured in, and sold in North Carolina. Since these arms are not being sold in interstate commerce, this bill will nullify any attempts to regulate this intrastate commerce by the federal government. Attempts by the federal government to interfere in this lawful commerce will be punishable by the State of North Carolina as a criminal offense.

Grass Roots North Carolina encourages you to contact Senators Berger, Apodaca, and your senator (see below), and insist that these important bills receive prompt hearings.

… and one anti-gun bill

Remember King Troxler and his attempt to run roughshod over the rights of North Carolinians at the last North Carolina State Fair? Remember the line about how Troxler and his cronies go to “great lengths to provide a safe environment at the State Fair;” the same “great lengths” that allowed three disarmed people to get robbed after leaving the fair—at gunpoint? We can only wonder where Troxler’s army of police officers were … it’s clear that they weren’t coming to the assistance of these victims, who were disarmed at the Commissioner of Agriculture’s bidding.

Senator Brent Jackson is now doing King Troxler’s bidding by introducing a bill to give the Commissioner of Agriculture the legal right to single-handedly pick and choose who gets to exercise their rights at the North Carolina State Fair, regardless of how many lives his proclamation might cost.

Troxler knows what we know: that Judge Donald Stephens’ ruling against Grass Roots North Carolina’s injunction was vacuous judicial nonsense. Introducing this legislation is their back-door attempt to legitimize their egregious behavior.

It’s time to send a clear message to Commissioner Troxler and Senator Jackson: fundamental Constitutional rights are not negotiable, and this legislation is unacceptable.

3 thoughts on “GRNC Alert 3-27-2015: Three Pro-Gun Bills in the NC Senate … and one that isn’t.

  1. You can shove all your gun bills, for or against, deep in the stink.

    They’ve proven that they’re incapable of writing any gun laws that even make sense, even before you question their authority to write them at all.

    The second article is the ONLY gun law that applies to me, and it will be defended.

  2. “…help preserve your right to keep and bear arms in North Carolina.”

    As JR stated, there’s only ONE ‘law’ that applies to firearms in this country…

    …anything else is immaterial.

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