Gun Rally Brings Thousands of Supporters to State Capitol

A gun rally organized by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League took place Saturday, April 5, 2014, at the State Capitol where more than 3,000 gun rights supporters turned out. (Mark Sims/WTIC Photo)CBS Connecticut

HARTFORD (CBS Connecticut) _ An estimated crowd of more than 3,000 gun rights supporters rallied outside the State Capitol Saturday in opposition to gun control measures passed a year ago in response to the Sandy Hook School Tragedy.

Among those attending the rally was Bill Stevens, a Newtown father who says he’s heartbroken by what happened in his town, but added, “It wasn’t the AR-15 that killed 26 innocent people in my town, it was a mentally ill shooter who pulled the trigger and this law does nothing to address that.”  

Rally-goers vowed to work for repeal of the gun law in the legislature or to have it overturned in court.

Among other things the legislation expanded the state’s assault weapons ban and barred the possession and sale of large-capacity ammunition magazines.

13 thoughts on “Gun Rally Brings Thousands of Supporters to State Capitol

  1. If Bill Stevens is from Newtown, he knows the entire Sandy Hoax “Massacre”” was nothing more than theater.

    These people want to control the debate. Bill Stevens’ is reinforcing the LIE. He is part of the scam.

    We were told Newtown is a town of 28,000 people. 2012 records show that only 1,974 people actually live in Newtown.

    Internet records also show that the school was closed in 2007.

  2. They probably only reported this event because it gave them an opportunity to promote the Sandy Hoax lie.

    The first two paragraphs of this “news” story mention an event that happened more than a year ago. Look at the rest of the articles in the paper and see how often that happens.

    Do you see firearms-related stories anywhere that DON’T mention Sandy Hoax?

    1. The gun laws were passed more than a year ago, JR. The rally took place yesterday.

      And yes, it would hardly behoove them to even write the article without mentioning Sandy Hoax, to further perpetuate the lie.

          1. Glad things are good on your end :-)Been a lurker for the most part lately lol! Try to keep up on reading the articles, just not much time to comment lately. I’ll try to get a hold of ya sometime here soon and get ya up to date on stuff going on. Don’t know if ya spoke with Digger lately?, I told him if he spoke with ya, he could tell you. If not, be talking with ya soon here. Going to go read another article or 2 and then gotta get house stuff done, ugh lol!. I’ll try to get back on later tonight tho 🙂

          2. Glad to hear you’re o.k., RT. I talked to digger a couple weeks ago, after a friend of his had his dad killed by the feds. Angel e-mailed me and told me about it, and wanted me to call him to make sure he was o.k.

            Going to WA next week to visit my brother & sister, due to the freakin’ blood moon on the 15th.

            Those scumbag so-called ‘jews’ are very likely to pull a monster false flag on days like those. Not looking forward to it (the blood moon, I am looking forward to seeing my family) 🙂

          3. Glad you are getting out of there, I don’t blame you at all. Yeah been thinking the same thing about the 15th. Supposedly, the energy (of the planets/alignments) can be up to 5-7 days before and after (with in this case, the 15th the most powerful) certain dates. So be cautious the week before and after too. Glad you will be able to see your family! Always Good!
            Okay gotta go get my stuff done, hopefully back later 🙂 Good talking with ya! 🙂 🙂

          4. I’m banking on it being on the 14th or 15th. I can’t afford to take off from work any earlier than the weekend before, but I will be taking the entire week off. Long drive.

          5. Hey #1, are you going to be able to stop by and see Henry and Admin. on your way there or back? That would be awesome 🙂
            Be keeping youin my thoughts and prayers for a safe trip!
            Hope you’ll have a nice relaxing time!

          6. Awesome! Know you’ll have a great time! It looks beautiful there! Who knows, maybe you guys will have time to go fishing 🙂 🙂

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