Gunman sends panicked Walmart customers, employees to the exits


NEW ORLEANS – A Walmart store in Gentilly was evacuated and SWAT teams were called when a suspect walked into a store with a handgun early Saturday morning.

The incident occurred around 6 a.m. in the 4300 block of Chef Menteur.

According to police spokesman Garry Flot, when the armed gunman walked into the store, customers and employees inside began running out of the store. When police arrived they assisted several people who had not yet left the store. SWAT arrived at the scene and searched the store and were unable to locate the suspect.  

No one was injured in the incident, no shots were fired and no hostages were taken. Earlier this year the same Walmart was robbed of approximately $120,000.

The store and the streets in the area were shut down during the operation. There was no immediate word on when the store might reopen.

4 thoughts on “Gunman sends panicked Walmart customers, employees to the exits

    1. wal-mart+
      mystery gun holding person+
      lock down(martial law)=

      martial law was declared in the 1860’s and has never ACTUALLY been ended sooooo…………

  1. “…when the armed gunman walked into the store”

    Not the standard unarmed gunman.

    What a garbage article.

    Was this some guy with a holstered gun or…well, we don’t know from this remedially written article. bah

  2. While I waited for my wife in a Walmart in Western Pa, last week, sitting at a table with my pistol holstered at the Walmart Subway; in walks a man around 55-60 years old, large build and dressed casually, with an open holstered Glock sidearm quite visible to all. I waited to see if anyone would cause some sort of alarm. Some people immediately noticed his sidearm as he shopped with his apparent wife – no one said a word and after they seemingly notice his weapon, they went about shopping.

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