Hagmann & Hagmann With Greg Evensen & Steve Quayle FEB 03 2013

Published on Feb 4, 2013 by LibertasRadio




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Blueprint for Destruction
Join us for a special Sunday program with guests Greg Evensen and Steve Quayle as we discuss the “blueprint for destruction” of the United States. With the unannounced paramilitary exercises we are witnessing taking place across the U.S., learn what’s being planned behind the scenes.

The Hagmann & Hagmann Report provides listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news.

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From Cathleen

Homeland Security Intelligence Network

3 February 2013: The United States is being transformed into one of the most oppressive totalitarian regimes in modern history. The bad news is that the worst is still to come. During this blatant decent and conversion into tyranny, American’s are being told by the media and government shills that their eyes and instincts deceive them – that these things are not really taking place. It’s all “conspiracy theory,” we are told, even as the military helicopters fly over American cities and the paramilitary troops parade across our streets, firing blanks and conditioning the people to accept the unacceptable. Yet the most blind among us will support these provocative actions, especially if told that it is for the safety of our children. But who or what are they really after?

The answer will not surprise anyone who has paying attention, yet will still take many by surprise. They are after us. They are after we, the people who believe in the Constitution as the law of the land, who believe in the sanctity of human life over the “right” to kill the unborn, and those of us who believe it is our right to defend ourselves under the rights granted by the Second Amendment. We are the targets.

The battle against freedom did not begin with the current leadership, but has been ramped up under it. Through the continuity of agenda several presidential administrations, the battle against “we the people” has been waged incrementally. Today, however, we see these plans being implemented so boldly, so overtly that it nearly impossible to ignore.

The worst, however, is yet to come. What will it be and how will events play out?


2 thoughts on “Hagmann & Hagmann With Greg Evensen & Steve Quayle FEB 03 2013

  1. I listened to this last night, as I do every night. Last nights show has some great information about the lateness of the hour. If you ain’t prepared for whats coming, you better get your Beans, Bullets, and Bandaids in order.

    As far as, what Sir David Andrew said about Steve Quayle on Henry’s show today… I have been listening to Steve Quayle for over 15 years, or more, and there is something you need to know about Steve Quayle. He is a man before his time. Thing he said 15 years ago are now happening today. I would not call that a dis-info agent, Sir David.

    Also, Sir Dave… He has excellent insider info of things going to happen or getting ready to happen. Then he will come on the radio and tell millions of people the world over, and then it doesn’t happen. Did you ever stop to think that once the Would-Be-Ruler’s plans to do something devious is exposed to millions that they might cancel their plans, as in, their cover was blown? and… if they went through with the plans it would give SQ more credibility?, which they surely don’t want. Not to mention he prays about what he knows is supposed to happen with millions on the air… millions praying usually has answered prayer involved. But, if you don’t believe in prayer then I could see why you would over look that part.

    Also, if you do believe in prayer then you most likely believe in the commandment to not bare false witness, or to gossip. That could not go good for you, especially if he is a watchmen and messenger from God.

    That all I got

  2. Also, Sir David
    If you got a complaint about Steve Quayle why don’t you write an article with all the dis-info and dates, times, and facts and post it here so we can debate it together. Today, on Henry’s show you slandered him with no facts at all. That is what Liberals do, they will call you names but, will never debate the facts, or truth. I am not calling you a Liberal, but, just pointing out what you did.
    Peace Bro

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