9 thoughts on “Happy Patriots Day From the Trenches!

  1. I wish the enemy would make a move, putting the traitors in the dirt is the only option left on the table, we here at the trenches are just ahead of the curve on that understanding, the American love of freedom will not go down without a fight.

    1. There is no one alive today that knows true freedom, what a opportunity we have in our lifetime.
      Hoo Rah

  2. 1st Canadian Regiment
    The 1st Canadian Regiment, an Extra Continental regiment, was raised by James Livingston to support Colonial efforts in the American Revolutionary War during the invasion of Quebec. Livingston recruited men from Chambly, Quebec as early as September 1775,[1] but a formal regimental designation was made by Richard Montgomery on November 20, 1775, with recognition by the Second Continental Congress following on January 8, 1776.
    There were thousands of Canadian volunteers that supported the Republic, just as there is today.

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