Has Adam Lanza Even Been Alive The Last 3 Years?

Published on Jan 5, 2013 by thepaulstalservice

There is ZERO online fingerprint of him, there is ZERO video evidence, there is ZERO car insurance, tax information, phone history. There is ZERO proof this guy has even been alive for the last 3 years.

The neighbors haven’t seen him in years, nobody who lives around the Lanzas seems to have seen him, and the last time there is any record of him at all was 3 years ago.

The FBI apparently can’t retrieve the information from his computer it was so well destroyed (how convenient).

What is more likely.. that a computer nerd would leave “No digital footprint for 3 years” (which would be practically impossible) or that he has been dead for 3 years?

No record of this kid after 2009- after supposedly attending college at Central Connecticut State University in Danville- nothing.

Nobody knows him, nobody has seen him, and there is no video or other proof he is even alive- why is this guy being treated as the main suspect again?

His mom was supposedly “so badly disfigured they couldn’t tell if it was her or not” Maybe it wasn’t her. Maybe she’s in Belize right now and this whole thing is a scam?

I guess we’re taking Adam’s dad’s word for collecting his son’s body- a guy who works for GE capital (GE owns NBC) and his brother? Both of whom are connected to New York finance?

Nobody “falls off the grid” for 3 years.. it just doesn’t happen.

As Shillers List pointed out in the comments below, the only picture they like to show of Adam Lanza is a very strange ghostly looking picture, when there are many other pictures of him that look pretty normal.

The same thing happened with Jared Loughner the alleged Tucson gunman, who had this normal picture which hardly EVER gets shown to the public: http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2011/CRIME/01/08/arizona.shooting/t1main.loughne…

Originally, it was not cropped, and he’s holding a kickoff magazine- The public only sees the “freakish” looking Loughner picture, they don’t want his tan, good looking “sports fan” side being shown, as that doesn’t fit their agenda.

3 thoughts on “Has Adam Lanza Even Been Alive The Last 3 Years?

  1. Real good stuff, guys.

    At this point, FTT World Report has become the top site on the internet for exposing the Sandy Hook Hoax.

    Thank You!

  2. Adam Lanza in that picture has a hair helmet that reminds me of Darth Vader. lol

    By the way, notice how Obama uses his middle finger to try and wipe away those fake tears. Almost like he is saying, “Haha! F**K YOU!” to the American people.

    It’s definitely all “Media magic”. Why aren’t we talking about the drugs he was on or the students killed or showing the evidence and video footage? It’s all a joke. One big joke.

    Like the Osama Bin Laden deceptive death, WHERE’S THE PROOF!!!!????

    Obama the Antichrist will be forever known as the president who is the master of deception. The new great Houdini, if you will.

    His whole life story is one great big deceptive scam just like everything he does in his presidency. This guy has never done one REAL thing in his entire life. His marriage and love life with his wife is practically a scam as it was an arranged marriage from the get-go. It’s nuts!

    Read the “Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography” by Webster Griffin Tarpley. While I don’t share Tarpley’s socialist view on things, he has no love for Obama, that’s for sure.

    1. Ya know NC the lies just keep getting deeper and deeper. Ya`ll know that the govt. had to stage something for the people to bitch about instead of there neglect of Hurricane Sandy and the other devious lies and cover ups in the WH.

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