Herman Cain, Donald Trump, and the Super Computer

Coca-Cola, Inc. released a statement indicating that they would prefer to do business in China in yet another bid to end taxation on corporate profits.  So who made Coke the multi-billion dollar international corporation that it is today?  Well that would be we the people of the United States.  I think Coke should move to China and the US should boycott their product here.

I heard a commentator on FOX News say that Lockheed Martin should tell we the people that if we do not acquiesce and support their union busting, that they might move their productions to China.  Again, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  And of course no more contracts paid for by US taxpayer money and we will be boycotting your products in our country.

The insolence of these billionaires who derive their wealth through the resources of our nation is becoming unbearable.  The neo-cons are stepping up their support for the corporate position as if they had a stake in their companies.  What am I saying; of course they have a stake in those companies.  The majority of our government is made up of ex-CEOs who will become CEOs once again when they are finished screwing the American people for the corporations they serve.

Herman Cain won the Florida Straw Poll and as a result he is front and center in the mainstream media and receiving attention from both the phony left and the phony right.  Ron Paul won the California Straw Poll and it was mentioned a couple of times in five second blips in the mainstream propaganda.

Let’s see Florida has 11.2 million registered voters with 27 electoral votes and California has17.3 million registered voters with 55 electoral votes.  So let’s use a theory that has become antiquated in the United States, it is called math.  You the reader tell me, which state is going to have a greater say in who will be our next president, Florida or California?  And which state represents the more significant win for the potential candidates?

Now, when you see this Herman-Cain-in-your-face propaganda, ask yourself what is the motive here?  Which brings us back to the body of the article, Herman Cain is an ex-CEO, wanting to take the highest position in our government to further promote the cause of the corporate elite of which he is a member.

It is being reported that Herman Cain will be the next Republican candidate having a private dinner with Donald Trump and seeking Trump’s endorsement.  Well let’s see, Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire with a private jet.  Oh yeah, Donald and I definitely have a lot in common.  If Donald says to vote for Herman Cain or Rick Perry or Mitt Romney, that is exactly what I am going to do……Not!

FOX News has introduced their brand new great big computer screen that will project their brand new exclusive election program that will calculate the winners of the primaries and the presidential election before we the people have even bothered to go out and vote.  And of course we can believe the results on the new super computer because hey, it is a computer and will be calculating the numbers that really matter, like campaign contributions because everyone knows money equals votes, right?

I swear the propaganda is becoming absurd in its effort to portray every eventuality except the inevitable.

Corporate elite you need to get it through your money drunk minds.  We the people have had all we are going to take.  We are going to elect Dr. Ron Paul as the next President of these United States.  After which our Republic is going to be restored under our Constitution and you traitors are going to be stripped of your ill begotten wealth and deported from this country to the shores of Somalia where you will receive the justice you have evaded for a hundred years.

So run that through your super computer and see what comes out the other end.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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